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The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 3 Release Date 2024 Updates and Other Details

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 3 Release Date 2024 Updates and Other Details

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 3 Release Date 2024 Updates and Other Details

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 3: What We Know So Far

Introduction to Season 3

Prime Video has officially announced the renewal of the beloved series “The Summer I Turned Pretty” for a third season. This announcement has sparked excitement among fans who are eager to see more of the complex relationships and dramatic twists that define the series. Based on the book series by Jenny Han, the show continues to capture the hearts of viewers with its engaging narrative and relatable characters.

Anticipated Release Date

While the exact release date for Season 3 of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” remains unconfirmed, it is speculated that the new season will not premiere until 2025. This delay is largely due to the impact of industry-wide strikes that have affected production schedules across the board. Prime Video has indicated that production for the third season will commence once these issues are resolved, ensuring that the quality and continuity of the series are not compromised.

Expected Plot Developments

The third season is likely to draw heavily from “We’ll Always Have Summer,” the final book in Jenny Han’s trilogy. The story is expected to follow Belly as she navigates her college years and the evolving dynamics of her relationships with Jeremiah and Conrad. With an engagement on the horizon and past loves reemerging, Belly’s decisions will be more crucial and heart-wrenching than ever. Fans can anticipate a season filled with emotional depth and significant character development.

Cast and Characters

The main cast from the previous seasons is set to return, with Lola Tung reprising her role as Belly, and Christopher Briney and Gavin Casalegno returning as the Fisher brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah, respectively. The ensemble cast, which has been pivotal in bringing the characters of Cousins Beach to life, will continue to explore the intricate relationships and personal growth that the series is known for.

Production Updates

As of now, production for Season 3 has not yet begun, with the industry strikes posing significant delays. However, the cast and crew are eager to return and continue the story of Belly and the Fisher brothers. Filming is rumored to potentially start in March, depending on the resolution of the ongoing negotiations, with locations and detailed schedules still to be confirmed.

Trailer and Teasers

No official trailer or teasers for Season 3 have been released as of yet. Fans are advised to stay tuned for any sneak peeks or announcements from Prime Video, which are likely to drop closer to the production start date or upon the conclusion of filming.

Viewer Expectations and Theories

The anticipation for Season 3 is high, with fans eagerly theorizing about the directions the show might take. The complex love triangle, a hallmark of the series, is expected to reach new heights of tension and resolution. Additionally, viewers are looking forward to seeing how the characters’ relationships evolve as they navigate the challenges of adulthood and personal growth.


  • When will Season 3 of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” be released?
    While an exact release date is not yet available, it is speculated that Season 3 might premiere in 2025.
  • What will Season 3 be about?
    The season will likely follow the events of “We’ll Always Have Summer,” focusing on Belly’s college years and her complex relationships with Jeremiah and Conrad.
  • Who will be in the cast for Season 3?
    The main cast from the previous seasons, including Lola Tung, Christopher Briney, and Gavin Casalegno, are expected to return.
  • Has production started for Season 3?
    No, production has been delayed due to industry strikes but is expected to commence once these are resolved.
  • Where can I watch the previous seasons?
    The first two seasons of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” are available for streaming on Prime Video.

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