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The Unexpected Standings: US Ranks Among the Most Promiscuous Countries in the World

Currently, there are various classifications that highlight the most beautiful places, picturesque towns, and delicious restaurants around the world. However, one particular list has garnered attention for delving into a unique topic – the average number of sexual partners per country. The surprising position held by the United States in this list has created a buzz.

The study was conducted by the independent statistical organization World Population Review, which included 46 countries from different regions of the world to unveil the average number of sexual partners by country in 2024. Turkey claimed the top spot, with an average of 14 sexual partners per person.

In the case of the United States, World Population Review placed it in 12th position on this list, revealing that individuals in the US typically have between 10 and 11 sexual partners throughout their lifetime. The average number of sexual partners can vary significantly from state to state, influenced by factors such as cultural norms, religious beliefs, and marital history.

For instance, residents of Louisiana reported an average of 15.7 sexual partners in their lifetime, whereas individuals in Utah, where a large percentage belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, reported an average of 2.6 sexual partners. The age at which individuals lose their virginity in the United States also plays a role in determining the number of sexual partners accumulated over a lifetime, with the average age being around 17 years old.

India held the last position, 46th place, with an average of three sexual partners per person. The findings of this ranking shed light on the diversity of experiences related to intimate relationships across different countries.

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