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This Virus is a Mystery to Me

Grettel Valdez set off the alarms after he shared on social networks that he is facing a serious health situation. The famous woman alerted her followers after published various stories that showed that she was in poor health, since she is receiving intravenous fluid treatment.

Grettel Valdez posing smiling. / Instagram: @grettellv

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Through your official account Instagram, Grettell left her fans worried after she made a series of publications in which he showed that he is receiving treatment serum due to a strong virus that is affecting her health. However, the histrionica did not specify what disease it was.

In the images you can see Grattel focusing on his hand in which he has the medication you are being given. In another story he stressed that she is about to receive her last dose of the day, so being able to go to work.

“I hate being sick, this virus is killing me.”

Gretel Valdez

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He added: “The last one is already working, it’s not easy, it’s not.”

Naturally, these words set off alarms on social networks, given that his followers were left on tenterhooks not knowing what illness Valdez suffers from.

Mensaje Grettell Valdez / IG

Later, the actress updated her state of health and in one of her stories commented that the illness that knocked her down decisively was salmonella. He assured that the situation had become complicated since the weekend and she couldn’t even be treated at the hospital.

Grettel Valdez posing smiling. / Instagram: @grettellv

“You don’t know what weekend I spent, we confirmed salmonella with the studies they did on me, I had to speed up the process intravenously, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even get to the hospital, my doctor had to come.”

Grettel Valdez

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However, He thanked all his followers for all the expressions of affection that he received after breaking the news. However, he made it clear that currently She feels better and ready to work.

It is expected that later the famous woman will share more about her health condition. At the moment, he made it clear that he is doing everything possible to feel better and return to recording.

Grettel Valdez posing smiling. / Instagram: @grettellv

According to Mayo Clinic, salmonella is a bacteria commonly associated with foodborne illnesses. It belongs to the genus Salmonella, and there are several different types that can cause illness in humans and animals.

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