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Thousands of Palestinians Attempt to Return to Homes in Northern Gaza, Met with Israeli Fire

Thousands of Palestinians, including men, women, children, and the elderly, attempted to return to their homes in northern Gaza on Sunday but were attacked by Israel. Video footage recorded by a CNN correspondent captured families walking along the once-dangerous Al Rasheed coastal road with their belongings, some on bicycles, carts, and vans, smiling and taking photos.

Majd El-Aqqad expressed their tiredness and need to return to their homes and lands in Gaza City. Many people had heard rumors about being allowed to return, but no official confirmation was given. In response to the attempted return, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) stated that northern Gaza remained an active war zone and return was not permitted.

Despite the IDF’s statement, videos emerged showing a significant number of people heading north for the first time in large groups. Some reported that women and children were being allowed to return, while others mentioned that relatives were able to cross the area. Displaced individuals were seen carrying belongings, with one elderly woman named Um Mohammad praying for protection as she walked.

Reports indicated that many individuals who tried to head north were originally displaced to Rafah. The Gaza Ministry of Health reported an increase in the number of victims in Gaza, with CNN unable to independently verify the figures. Stories of displacement, longing for home, and attempts to return despite Israeli restrictions were shared by many individuals, including those who were shot at or turned back by soldiers.

The chaotic scenes captured in videos showed the desperation and resilience of the Palestinian people as they faced obstacles in their quest to return to their homes in northern Gaza. Despite the challenges and dangers, the determination to reclaim what was lost remained strong among those seeking to rebuild their lives amidst ongoing conflict.

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