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Thunderstorms are back in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this weekend

Sunshine earlier in the week gave way to returning rain and possible thunderstorms in Dallas. Warm, breezy, and muggy conditions are expected through the weekend, with higher storm chances by Friday morning. Severe storms may occur each day through the weekend, with the most active periods expected on Friday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night into Sunday morning. While not everyone will experience severe weather, the potential for storms to turn severe with large hail and damaging winds exists. The tornado risk is low but present. Thunderstorms will likely move into North Texas overnight into Friday morning, with the main risks being large hail and damaging winds. The threat of tornadoes is highest northwest of North Texas. Thunderstorm activity is expected to weaken as it moves eastward. Friday will see a better chance for thunderstorms, particularly in the morning, with a slight risk in the afternoon as well. Saturday and Sunday will also feature chances for thunderstorms, with the best chances being later Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday morning. Storms may linger into Sunday afternoon and evening in eastern North Texas. It is advised to stay weather-aware over the weekend.


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