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Tips For Picking the Perfect Wallpapers For Your Home

Tips For Picking the Perfect Wallpapers For Your Home

Picking wallpaper for your home is like an art project—it lets you put your own spin on the rooms. You have to figure out what colors and designs fit your style and make you feel good when you see them. It’s not just about slapping up some paper; it’s about finding one that goes with the vibe you’ve got going on in your home. Let’s break it down so you can find something that feels right at home.  

First, what decor direction are you aiming for? Boho chic with some paisley action? Clean and modern with solid colors? Country cute with some chickens and baby ducklings? You have to decide what look ticks your boxes, then find a wallpaper to match that style.  

It can take some time to settle on one design. But figuring out the mood you want and how the paper jives with the rest of your home will help that dream wallpaper pop right out at you. Here are some tips on exactly how to do that.

Define Your Style and Vision

    Deciding on wallpaper for your home? Take a second first to figure out the vibe you’re going for in each room. What look and feel do you want to create? If there’s already stuff you love in there, think about how to tie new wallpaper into the existing style, and knowing the mood you want will point you towards options that jive as you start sorting through different prints or textures.  

    I tend to lean boho in my own place, enjoying anything bright and funky that feels happy. But tastes range far and wide from there to modern graphic prints to rustic wooden looks. Figure out your own first before falling down the wallpaper rabbit hole so you don’t end up with something that clashes.

    Consider the Rooms Functionality

      Choosing wallpaper for different rooms in your house means thinking about what goes on in those spaces. High-traffic zones like hallways and kitchens should probably get wallpaper that’s easy to wipe down when it gets dirty or stained. No one wants to scrub wallpaper in the kitchen every time some pasta sauce spatters! In contrast, bedrooms and living rooms tend to stay cleaner. So you’ve got more freedom with textures, colors, and patterns in there without worrying as much about durability.  

      Before picking wallpapers, take stock of each room’s purpose and how messy it can get. A kid’s bedroom will need washable wallpaper, but the dining room, where you entertain a couple of times a year, can handle something more luxe. Match the wallpaper to the room’s character and functions.

      Explore Different Patterns, Colors and Textures

        Wallpaper can really spice up a room with its fun patterns, colors, and textures. You’ve got a bazillion options to make a space feel more like you. Go floral, striped geometric, fancy-schmancy damask, abstract – the sky’s the limit for channeling your inner interior designer, and when picking colors, think about what you’ve already got going on in the room. Tie everything together so it feels cohesive and peaceful instead of chaotic. Textures are dope too – grasscloth metallic, 3D, faux – mix it up with different finishes. Wallpaper lets you showcase your design style big time. Just have fun with it!

        Request Samples and Swatches

          Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, use wallpaper samples and swatches to envision how different patterns, colors, and textures will appear in your environment. Numerous wallpaper brands provide sample books and swatch collections that enable you to see and touch the materials firsthand. Bring samples home. Try them out in lighting settings to evaluate how they interact with natural light and artificial illumination. This hands-on method will aid you in making choices and ensuring that the wallpaper you select complements the aesthetic of your home.

          Consider Scale and Proportion

            When choosing wallpaper patterns and designs for your living space, consider size and balance. For rooms or tight areas, go for smaller-scale patterns and lighter hues to create a feeling of spaciousness and lightness. In rooms or accent walls, think about using patterns and larger-scale designs to create a striking effect and highlight architectural elements. It’s important to find the balance in terms of scale and proportion, aiming for a harmonious appearance that complements the structure and layout of your home.

            Seek Inspiration and Guidance

              Don’t hesitate to seek inspiration and advice from design blogs, magazines, or social media platforms. Explore carefully curated collections, upcoming trends, and real-life home tours to spark new ideas and discover innovative design styles. Engage with design experts, friends, or family members for feedback on your wallpaper selections. Drawing inspiration from sources can help you refine your vision and confidently choose the wallpaper for your home.

              Selecting wallpaper for your living space involves a journey of exploration, creativity, and personal expression. When you define your style, think about how things work, look at designs and colors, gather samples, consider size and balance, and find inspiration. By doing this, you can find the wallpaper that shows who you are and adds to the beauty of your home. With attention to detail and careful choices, you can turn your house into a place full of inspiration.

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