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Today in Michigan, an area of severe weather is predicted to indicate where and when damaging thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes may develop.

A line of severe thunderstorms is expected to develop over northern Lower Michigan early this evening, potentially bringing severe wind gusts, large hail, or even an isolated tornado as they move southeast. The Storm Prediction Center forecasts the severe weather to impact the northern half of Lower Michigan and part of west-central Lower Michigan. Specific severe weather forecasts for gusts over 57 mph, large hail, and tornadoes have been outlined. The overall severe weather threat outline shows areas such as Traverse City, Gaylord, Grand Rapids, and Saginaw/Bay City/Midland at risk. The individual severe weather risks are concentrated in the same areas as the overall threat, with severe wind gust, large hail, and tornado risks highlighted. The storms are expected to linger in northern Michigan this evening before drifting south and weakening before moving back north across Lower Michigan on Sunday. Stay updated on the weekend weather conditions.


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