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Tom Cruise has been gifting Dakota Fanning on her birthday since she was 11 years old, reveals sources close to the Hollywood stars.

Any movie lover has seen Dakota Fanning (Georgia, USA, 30 years old) grow up. The actress, who became known worldwide thanks to the character of Lucy in the film I am Sam (2001), where she shared the bill with Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer, she became America’s little girl at just 7 years old. From there her career was unstoppable, working with some of the most important actors in the industry: in the thriller Atrapada (also released in 2001) shared the screen with Charlize Theron, Courtney Love and Kevin Bacon, in the thriller film Hideout (2005) she played Robert De Niro’s daughter, and critics even stated that she overshadowed the iconic actor, and in nine lives (2005), an intimate drama that narrates the lives of nine women, appeared with performers such as Glenn Close, Holly Hunter and Robin Wright. Her gift for acting made that girl with big blue eyes captivate the public and critics alike. It was only natural that she also got it with the great directors.

Fanning had already worked with Steven Spielberg in 2002, when the director took over as executive producer of the television series Taken, winner of an Emmy Award for best miniseries. However, it was in 2005 when the greatest rapprochement occurred, since Spielberg chose her to star in his version of War of the Worlds, based on the novel of the same name that HG Wells published in 1898, and that Orson Welles would turn into the great joke of the United States. Spielberg had no doubt that she was the right actress for the role of the family’s daughter: “I think we can all agree that Dakota Fanning has an incredible and extraordinary gift that, thank God, she does not question. And that is also her gift, that she is not aware of how talented she is and how quickly she understands the situation in a sequence, how quickly she sizes it up, measures it and knows how she would really react in a real situation and tells you the true every time I say ‘action’. “She just tells you the truth,” the director himself said about her in a 2006 interview in Coming Soon, a medium specialized in cinema. Tom Cruise, who played Fanning’s father in the film, was also not short on praise: “She is charming and enormously talented. It was very fun to work with her, because in addition to her she is very funny,” the actor conceded.

The actress grew, matured, combined work in independent cinema, such as The Runaways with authentic blockbusters like his participation in the saga Twilight the series like The alienist. She also carried out fashion campaigns and was the image of the Marc Jacobs brand. Currently, she is in full promotion of the Netflix series Ripley, based on the successful novels by Patricia Highsmith, where she shares the spotlight with Andrew Scott. However, from her wide and extensive career, she still keeps good memories of War of the Worlds and the relationship that still unites him today with the actor Tom Cruise and the director Steven Spielberg.

If a few years ago, specifically when the actress turned 21, it was learned that her celebratory trip to Las Vegas had been financed by the director of E.T. who had made that promise during the filming of War of the Worlds, now the actress has revealed that she has been receiving a gift from Tom Cruise on each of her anniversaries since she was 11 years old. It all began, precisely, on that shoot, according to what the actress now says in a video from Harper’s Bazaar when asked about her co-star in Ripley, Andrew Scott, on who gave him his first mobile phone: “Well, I have to name a Hollywood icon… Tom Cruise,” says Fanning, adding that the actor gave him a Motorola Razr for his birthday. “Oh my God, she was so excited…even though she didn’t have anyone to call or text at the time, you know? He was 11…but I loved having him.” The birthday gifts did not end with that first mobile phone, but continue to this day: “Tom sends me a gift every year, and he has done it since that birthday,” reveals the interpreter.

This is not the first time that Fanning talks about his father in that extraterrestrial fiction. In an interview on the television show hosted by Andy Cohen, the actress revealed that she and Cruise have had a friendship for years: “I haven’t seen him in person in a while, but he sends me gifts for every birthday,” she said, who He added that at first it was going to stop when he turned 18, and later at 21, but it didn’t happen.

Dakota Fanning is not the only star to receive gifts from the actor. Another of the actresses who worked with Cruise when she was just a child, Kirsten Dunst, in Interview with the vampire (1994), said that he received a cake from the protagonist of Top Gun every Christmas: “Yes, he gives me a cake every Christmas. In my house we call it Cruise cake. It’s like a coconut cake. It’s the best coconut cake I’ve ever had at Doan’s Bakery in California. Is very good. And yes, we receive it every Christmas. Like our entire family, Cruise’s cake is always there, it’s a big deal. That night we thought, ‘Oh, thanks Tom.’ I love it”.

In fact, Cruise is famous for his generosity to many of his co-stars. Recently, after filming the last film in the successful saga Mission Impossible several actors revealed what the actor had given them: skydiving classes, scuba diving with sharks and his already memorable coconut cakes.

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