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Top 5 Best Casino Movies To Watch on this weekend

Top 5 Best Casino Movies To Watch on this weekend

The topic of gambling attracts many filmmakers, so movies about casinos and gambling are not a rare thing today. Why did so many viewers choose this particular genre? The answer is simple — because it reveals the gaming industry from the inside, the excitement of the players, and the risky moves. In most casino films, half of the film is about the game, the second part is about the relationship between the players, the police, and the mafia. So here are the top 5 films that we chose and recommend you to watch in your free time.

Treat Me Like Fire 

  • Genre: Drama;
  • Director: Marie Monge;
  • World premiere: May 11, 2018
  • Country: France.

Spontaneous and lovable Abel (Takhar Rahim) is an incredible lover and gambler. Elle (Stacy Martin)’s ordinary life changes completely after a sudden meeting with him. Together, they venture into the alluring underground world of casinos, where adrenaline and high stakes rule everyone.

Their dependence becomes mutual, which doubles the chances and increases the risks. A love story that began with a simple bet soon turns into an uncontrollable passion for the game and each other.

Molly’s Game

  • Genre: Drama;
  • Director: Aaron Sorkin;
  • World premiere: 8 September 2017;
  • Country: USA.

The main character of the movie “The Big Game” — sportswoman Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain) — does not get into the Olympic team. But she does not despair and decides to take a year off before entering law school. But this year, Molly does not plan to sit around, and gets a job in a small café in Los Angeles.

Working as a waitress does not bring Molly the desired earnings, and she decides to open an underground club for fans of the game of poker. The illegal business turns out to be very profitable, and the club becomes very popular with Hollywood stars and other powerful and wealthy people. With time, Molly Bloom becomes a real “princess of poker”, but suddenly the white stripe is replaced by a black one. And the girl was threatened with the court for illegal activities.

The House

  • Genre: Comedy;
  • Director: Andrew J. Cohen;
  • World premiere: June 30, 2017;
  • Country: USA.

The main character of the movie “Home” — Scott (Will Ferrell) together with his wife (Amy Poehler) decides to spend all the money that they saved for their daughter for college. Thinking about how it is more profitable to do this, they invite their neighbours and open an illegal casino right in the basement of their own house.

Runner, Runner

  • Genre: Romance, Detective, Thriller;
  • Director: Brad Furman;
  • World premiere: September 25, 2013;
  • Country: USA.

Richie (Justin Timberlake) starts gambling online to pay for his college tuition. At first, he is lucky, but soon luck does a thing to the guy. Then he decides to go to Costa Rica to meet the real ace of the game and measure his strength with him. Ivan Block (Ben Affleck) sees a soul mate in Richie and introduces him to the gameplay. The stakes go up, the risk goes up, and Richie realizes that his current boss may be making a fatal mistake.

Winning Streak

  • Genre: Adventure;
  • Director: Eduard Cortés;
  • Creation year: 2012;
  • Country: Spain.

The Roulette Kings movie is a true story about people who discovered a legal way to “beat” roulette. Known as the Pelayo family, they have won hundreds of thousands of dollars in casinos around the world.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo is the name of a Spanish mathematician and producer who made roulette literally work for himself. His winnings were in the millions. The fact of fraud was not proven because the game was played according to all the rules. Casino de Madrid tried to get their money back through the courts, but the court sided with Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo. After high-profile cases, the success of Pelayo’s roulette game became public property, and all other casinos in the world were suspicious of the player himself and his family.

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