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Top 5 Celebrities Who Date Younger Women and Never Mind on It

Top 5 Celebrities Who Date Younger Women and Never Mind on It

The relationship between 79-year-old Holland Taylor and 47-year-old Sarah Paulson is a great example that enormous age gaps cannot keep you from falling in love with someone. Paulson was dating Cherry Jones when she met Taylor at a party, but they connected again through social media in 2015 and made their relationship public the next year. It also shows that your favorite celebrities are also like you, and they also love social media and spend time on online dating sites to find the right partner. So, if you use a dating platform with the hope to meet a mature celebrity interesting in same-sex relationships, be persistent, and you never know when you might taste success.

Places to Meet Your Own Ellen DeGeneres or Holland Taylor

Age-gap lesbian relationships do face their share of criticism, but somehow, those involved will always find a way to beat everything and continue to go strong. The opportunities to meet your partner are scattered everywhere around you, but for lesbians, things can be tricky. Hitting gay clubs and bars may help, but do not expect quick success, as new girls may be a bit skeptical to date an old cougar like you.

The story of Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor is enough to serve as an inspiration, especially if you have a documented fondness for dating older lesbian cougars, which nowadays are easy to find on local dating platforms. On dedicated matchmaking outlets for those seeking to date a lesbian cougar, there’s no judgment, so if you’re into older lesbians, you can choose one of the most prominent platforms available today and go for it! The best option is to try cougar dating sites with mature and young women seeking partners for life. Simply sign up, create your profile, highlight your unique characteristics, and connect with the best matches in no time.

And for more inspiration, here are the top 5 celebrities who do not mind dating younger women and love to be vocal about their relationships.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

It is hard to keep this Golden couple out of the list of mature women falling for younger girls. The age gap between the couple is about 15 years. They got in a relationship in 2004 but finally said “I do” in 2008.

Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer

The country singer Chely Wright was 44 years old when she married the love of her life, Lauren Blitzer, who was 34 at that time. Blitzer is an author mainly known for her book related to same-sex couples. 

Lauren Neal and Jill Bennett

Jill Bennett, an actor/producer, was 39 when she fell for much younger Lauren Neal, who was only 25 at that time. Neal is known for her work in Words with Girls. They are now involved with LGBT Volunteer Vacations to make a difference in the LGBTQ community.

 Stephanie Allynne and Tig Notaro

Comedian Tig Notaro was 42 when she found love in her fellow comedian Stephanie Allynne, who was only 29 at that time. They first met on the set of In a World.

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry

Now 56, Perry fell in love with Gilbert, who is almost 10 years younger than her. Most people know Gilbert for her appearances on the sitcom “Roseanne,” whereas Perry is known for her vocal performances in 4 Non-Blondes.

Tips to Build Successful Age-Gap Relationships

For starters, keep looking for the best partner through dating sites. Do not leave your profile page incomplete if you want the best matches. Understand the importance of having detailed conversations because not all younger girls would feel comfortable trying mature dating for the first time. Share your knowledge and experiences, and explain how you can make this relationship blissful for everyone involved. Respect the fact that she is from a different generation, so be prepared to learn what makes her feel happy. Still, look for something that is of interest for both of you to keep the connection strong.


Age-gap relationships are now quite common, but you can easily notice same-sex couples with enormous age gaps to live happy and fulfilling life. Celebrities are no different in this regard. They keep looking for their opportunity through social media, dating sites, and forums and welcome love the moment it comes their way. Many surveys have confirmed that LGBT people are more prone to falling for partners ten years older than them. So, if you love the idea of dating a mature cougar, do not stop looking for the right person around you, and especially on dating sites, to make everything a bit more exciting.

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