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Top Tips for Approaching Digital Marketing

Top Tips for Approaching Digital Marketing

Marketing is a part of business that seems alien to so many. Especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur, getting your own marketing up and running can feel like one of the most daunting tasks. If you’re working primarily as an online business, it feels doubly difficult thanks to the immense amount of competition you’re working against. For those just starting out, here are some great guidelines to work from.

Learn Your Base

It seems like common sense that you wouldn’t try and sell a mountain bike to an 80-year-old retiree or a stairlift to a college graduate. That’s why it’s so odd when businesses market with a wide net, essentially throwing their ads and promotions out into the world and hoping they land somewhere good. Digital marketing allows for a more targeted approach, and as sectors like online casino have shown, it is a successful one.

Say a casino wants to promote their table games, including roulette and card games. They will look into which demographic groups, based on data such as age or gender, are already most likely to play roulette online or get into poker or blackjack. From that, they can create mailing lists featuring only those filters, making sure their campaigns are reaching those most likely to be interested. It’s more efficient and a better use of time and resources.

All Information Is Valuable

When it comes to companies using data, there are often fairly strict limits on the amount and type that can be used. On the other hand, information is worth more than its weight in gold for businesses right now. Many have looked to other kinds of information that isn’t so directly personal to better direct their marketing.

For instance, it’s a well-known practice that many online businesses focus their efforts around common payday dates, simply because customers would have more disposable cash at that point. These kinds of small details are well worth the effort, and most of the information like calendar dates and regional demographics is publicly available either for free or at a negligible cost.

Be Sincere

The general public is, by and large, one that has been raised on advertising. It means that public awareness of marketing tactics has never been greater, and as a result, people on the whole are far less tolerant of underhanded methods. This is why sincerity is a golden quality in marketing these days, although as a concept it can mean many different things.

At the basic level, sincerity can mean being truthful and up-front in what you’re telling customers in your content. The fastest way to lose potential customers is to break your promises. Sincerity can also mean the tone of voice you use toward customers, particularly on social media platforms. Sounding too sanitized or too corporate can be off-putting to customers while being just casual enough can generate a feeling of trust.

As a final note, be sure to make use of the collective wisdom of marketing across the Internet. Most importantly, be ready to learn and come in with an open mind, as a lot may surprise you.

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