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Tracking a new wave of potent storms expected on Tuesday

Severe storms are expected in central and southwestern Iowa on Tuesday, following a stormy weekend. The severe weather threat is highest in the northwestern part of the state, with storms likely to hit Des Moines around 6-7 p.m. These storms could bring damaging gusts up to 60-80 mph and large hail of up to 2 inches. School dismissals have been announced, and a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for two western Iowa counties. The number of confirmed tornadoes in Iowa has increased, with several causing significant damage and displacement.Residents are advised on how to ensure their phones receive severe weather alerts. Prayers were answered for one family who managed to save their dogs during a tornado. Social media users are encouraged to share videos and photos of storm damage with KCCI. Additional severe weather coverage and safety tips are provided for viewers.


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