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Tragic Death of Influencer Inessa Polenko: Fatal Cliff Fall While Taking Selfie

Although it seems harmless, in the world of social networks different cases have arisen that highlight the risks that may exist when creating content. One of the most recent happened with the Russian influencer Inessa Polenko, who lost her life while trying to take a “selfie.”

By: The Herald

And so far it is known that the young woman died after being at a viewpoint in the city of Gagry, Abkhazia in Georgia while she was trying to take a photo. However, when she did so, she ended up falling from a height of approximately 50 meters.

This is how they fired the influencer Inessa Polenko after her death

After the news about the death of Inessa Polenko was announced, different social media users have expressed their disbelief at the situation. In this sense, although she received some “complaints” for the act she carried out, the majority of people said a fond farewell to the young woman.

Through comments such as “it is impossible to believe, may you rest in peace and in a bright sky”, “you are forever in my heart” or “brilliant soul, it hurts a lot”, from different Instagram accounts the sadness that The death of the influencer leaves her loved ones and followers.

Who was Inessa Polenko, famous influencer who died after falling from a cliff while taking a selfie?

Inessa Polenko was a 39-year-old young woman who dedicated herself to creating content on her social networks. This especially about cosmetology, beauty and lifestyle. In fact, she also worked as a beautician in Moscow, her native Russia.

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