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Train transporting crude oil derails in Sancti Spíritus

A train carrying crude oil derailed on Saturday afternoon in Sancti Spíritus with no victims or injuries reported.

As reported on Facebook by the Cuban Railway Union, the incident occurred at 2:30 pm at km 364.2 of the Central Line in the province of Spiritus.

The Extra Train 900 with locomotive 312024 at the service of crude oil transportation It was headed to the Sergio Soto Refinery when it derailed and two of the tankers subsequently overturned loaded with crude oil.

Although there was no damage to people’s lives to regret, The railway track was affected, as well as the fuel tanks.

At the time of publication of the note, work was underway to transship the product.

“As a result of the accident affected the transit of national passenger trains along their normal route, those who will travel along an alternative route, adding approximately 40 minutes to the planned route,” the post states.

The Railway Union announced that an investigative commission was created to clarify the causes of the event.

“We are working to solve the damage to restore the normal circulation of trains in the shortest time possible,” he added.

The entity apologized to travelers for the inconvenience caused by the incident.

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