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Transitioning from Rick & Morty to Saitama: Updates on the One Punch-Man Live-Action Movie with Promising Screenwriters

The ultra-powerful bald man wants to deal a hard blow to the box office

Hollywood has not only lost its fear of bringing video games like Fallout to the small and big screen, it is also regaining the taste for converting great manga-animes like One Piece and, now, into live action. One Punch-Man. The story starring Saitama has been underway by Sony since 2020, but now it has gained momentum again with two new scriptwriters.

Justin Lin de Fast & Furious dirige

Through Twitter, the screenwriter and comedian Heather Anne Campbell has confirmed that he is working on the script for the film adaptation of One Punch-Man to be brought to the big screen by Justin Lin, himself from the Fast & Furious saga. In his efforts he has as a colleague Dan Harmon (Rick & Morty). Nothing more has been said, but it seems that the original project with Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner was not liked enough by Sony to move forward with it.

One Punch-Man tells the story of an ordinary guy who, after playing for three years, became a superhero so powerful that he is capable of defeating any opponent with a single blow. Now, however, he is bored, unable to find a rival equal to him and will embark on a journey in search of adversaries in a world where there are more and more villains and monsters.

A story full of irreverence that, with the help of these scriptwriters, and a director accustomed to action films, could perhaps have its audience. In development we also have a Naruto movie, as well as the second season of One Piece, to name just two very powerful productions.

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