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Tristan, Son of Yahir, Opens Up About How False Romance Rumors with Carlos Rivera Took a Toll on Him

Tristan is a familiar name to the public, being well-known since he was a baby. His father, the singer Yahir, proudly introduced him to the world when he began his musical journey on “The Academy”. Despite a strong bond between father and son in the past, recent times have seen a distance grow between them, although the love remains.

Yahir has openly discussed the battle he fought 11 years ago to help Tristan overcome his drug addiction. Tristan went through five rehabilitation centers, with the last one in Tijuana lasting three years. Unfortunately, despite initial hopes for a happy outcome, Tristan relapsed just two weeks after completing the program.

Following this setback, Tristan requested his parents to give him space to lead an independent life. Since then, although they have sporadic contact, Tristan and Yahir’s relationship has been distant.

Recently turning 26, Tristan mentioned in an interview that he has been struggling to communicate with his father, as his calls go unanswered. Moreover, he claimed that Yahir had blocked him on social media, preventing him from seeing the emotional birthday message his father posted for him.

Yahir congratulates his son Tristán with these emotional photos.

Tristan expressed, “I didn’t choose to be Yahir’s son,” acknowledging both the discipline instilled by his father and the musical talent he inherited. However, he also reflected on the challenges that come with being the child of a celebrity.

Recently, false rumors circulated about a love triangle involving Yahir, Tristan, and singer Carlos Rivera. Tristan dismissed these claims and condemned the misinformation, as it affected his personal relationships. He emphasized the importance of respecting privacy in such matters.

Feeling the pressure of social judgment, Tristan lamented the negativity surrounding him. In a somewhat ironic response, he jokingly wished the rumors about Carlos Rivera were true, suggesting that at least Carlos would have bought him an apartment by now.

Tristan regrets that they have invented a false romance with Carlos Rivera.

Carlos Rivera is happily married to host Cynthia Rodríguez, and they recently welcomed their son, León, into the world.


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