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Tristan, son of Yahir, opens up about the impact of hoax romance with Carlos Rivera

Tristan, the son of the singer Yahir, has been in the public eye since he was a baby. Yahir initially shared the spotlight with his son when he began his musical career on “The Academy.” However, over the years, their relationship has faced challenges, particularly due to Tristan’s struggle with drug addiction.

Yahir made significant efforts to help Tristan overcome his addiction by enrolling him in multiple rehabilitation centers. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, Tristan relapsed shortly after completing his treatment. As a result, Tristan requested to live independently, leading to a more distant relationship with his father.

Recently, Tristan, now 26 years old, revealed in an interview that he has had limited contact with his father. He expressed frustration over unanswered calls and being blocked on social media, preventing him from seeing his father’s emotional birthday message.

Despite acknowledging his father’s talents and discipline, Tristan has also experienced the negative aspects of being a celebrity’s son. He has been at the center of false rumors, including a fabricated love triangle involving Yahir and singer Carlos Rivera, which strained his relationship with his father.

Tristan condemned the false rumors and expressed how hurtful they were, particularly when they affected his personal relationships. He emphasized the need for privacy and respect in such matters, highlighting the challenges of living under constant social scrutiny.

Despite the difficulties, Tristan remains focused on finding his own path and managing the social pressures that come with his background. He reflected on the absurdity of the rumors and even joked about wishing they were true for the sake of financial security.

On the other hand, Carlos Rivera is happily married to Cynthia Rodríguez and recently welcomed their first child. Amidst the controversies and false narratives, Tristan continues to navigate his personal and professional life, striving to break free from the shadows of fame.

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