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Truck thief brutally runs over man attempting arrest in the US

On April 15, 2024, in Lumberton, North Carolina, USA, a citizen attempted to stop a carjacker who eventually ran over and killed a victim in a brutal manner. The incident was caught on video and recently went viral on social media due to its violence.

Outside a Burger King, Jonathan Adam Lecompte witnessed a man entering another person’s parked truck. Lecompte, trying to prevent the robbery, pulled out a firearm and warned the man not to steal the vehicle. Despite the warning, the assailant ignored Lecompte and drove away in the stolen truck.

Lecompte fired his weapon multiple times but failed to hit the carjacker, who then ran over the 38-year-old victim, causing his death on the spot. The suspect fled the scene but was later apprehended by the Lumberton Police Department.

The suspect, identified as Ricky Alex Driggers, 28 years old, is currently detained without bail at the Robeson County Detention Center. He faces charges of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted common law robbery, theft of a motor vehicle, and felony flight to avoid prosecution.

Ricky Alex Driggers, man arrested for vehicle theft and first-degree murder | Special

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