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Trucker David Schultz, reported missing in Iowa, discovered deceased in Sac County

The family of northwest Iowa man David Schultz, who went missing last fall, confirmed his death. Schultz was reported missing by his wife on Nov. 21, 2023. His body was found in a farmer’s field by Sac County Sheriff’s Office and identified by his boots. The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations discovered the body near where Schultz’s semi-truck was found the day he disappeared. No further details were released. Schultz left his home to pick up pigs but didn’t drop them off as expected, prompting the search. The United Cajun Navy organized a search, leading to the discovery of another missing man, Mark Riesberg, who was found dead in his vehicle. The reward for information about Schultz’s disappearance had reached nearly $30,000 before his body was found.


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