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Trump and GOP exploit campus Gaza protests to criticize Biden

Former president Donald Trump and other prominent Republicans are using campus protests across the country to paint the United States as chaotic under President Biden. These mostly peaceful demonstrations are being used as a political weapon against Democrats. The pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses have sparked debate about criticism of Israel and antisemitism. Trump has accused Biden of failing to control lawlessness and has highlighted the protests as a way to voice his own political grievances. Many Republicans have criticized the campus protests, while supporters argue they are peaceful actions against the Israeli military campaign in Gaza. Dems have expressed a range of views on the protests, with Biden seeking a balance between condemning antisemitism and supporting students’ right to protest. Trump and other Repubs have pushed the narrative that America is descending into chaos and lawlessness under Biden’s watch. Trump has contrasted the protests with the lack of demonstrations outside his own criminal trial, blaming Biden for the campus protests. Trump’s stance on Israel has been varied, criticizing some Israeli actions while proclaiming support for the nation. The spread of college protests has sparked a renewed Republican response, with some incidents at universities feeding criticism and calls for harsher measures against protesters.


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