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Trumpists Push for Urgent Aid Approval for Israel While Denying Assistance to Ukraine

Israel may receive urgent aid from the United States if there is a bombing, while Ukraine, which faces daily attacks with similar weapons, does not have the same support. The debate in Washington is centered around passing a law to provide more assistance to Israel, which has bipartisan support. However, pro-Trump Republicans are hesitant due to the inclusion of aid for Ukraine in the bill, which Trump opposes.

The aid package approved by the Senate includes $61.4 billion for Ukraine and $14.3 billion for Israel, focusing on anti-missile systems and new weapon development. Republican leaders in the House are stalling the approval of aid, insisting on prioritizing assistance to Israel despite existing bipartisan agreement.

Some proposals have been put forward by Republican leaders, such as using interest from frozen Russian central bank funds or reviving the ‘lend-lease’ program from World War II. However, these ideas lack practicality and face legal and logistical challenges. House Speaker Mike Johnson is determined to prioritize aid for Israel over Ukraine, despite internal party conflicts.

Johnson’s refusal to support Ukraine aid has led to criticism from within his party, but he remains steadfast in his decision. The Speaker aims to ensure Israeli assistance while sidelining Ukraine, citing divine inspiration in her actions. The ongoing debate highlights the complex dynamics of foreign aid allocation in the current political climate.

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