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U.S. Soldier Gordon Black Arrested on Theft Charges in Russia, Expected to Remain in Custody Until July

A U.S. soldier, Staff Sgt. Gordon Black, has been arrested in Russia for theft and will be held in custody until at least July 2. The court stated that his detention is necessary to prevent him from evading charges. Black had traveled to Vladivostok to meet a woman he was involved with before being detained. The Russian Foreign Ministry’s office in Vladivostok stated that the detention is not political. Rep. Michael McCaul expressed concern over the situation, advising against travel to Russia. There are other Americans detained in Russian prisons, including a journalist and a former Marine. Another U.S. citizen, Russell William Nycum, has been arrested for petty hooliganism in Russia. The Associated Press reported that the arrest of U.S. citizens in Russia is at Cold War levels.


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