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Ukraine Depleted Missile Arsenal to Thwart Russian Attack on Power Plant, Says President Zelensky

A lack of air defenses in Ukraine meant that they could not prevent a recent Russian airstrike that destroyed the largest power plant in the Kyiv region, according to President Volodomyr Zelensky. Russia launched 11 missiles at the Trypilska power plant, with Ukrainian air defenses successfully intercepting the first seven but the remaining four missiles caused complete destruction.

Zelensky has been highlighting the weakness of Ukraine’s air defenses and the renewed attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure by Russia. However, a much-needed US military aid package has been held up by House Republicans in Congress.

Referencing Iran’s attempted attack on Israel, Zelensky pointed out that Western countries were able to protect their allies with air defenses. He emphasized the necessity of such capabilities for Ukraine, which currently lacks them.

Israel’s broad support from NATO members, despite not being a member itself, raised questions for Zelensky about the lack of similar support for Ukraine. He criticized the delay in approving a significant US funding package of around $60 billion for Ukraine, which has been stalled in Congress.

House Speaker Mike Johnson has indicated plans to introduce a new Ukraine funding bill separately from bills for Israel and Taiwan, but doubts remain about its passage due to opposition within his own party.

Zelensky expressed frustration over the political division of the bill and urged Congress members to prioritize support for countries like Ukraine whose lives are at stake.

He reiterated the urgent need for US military aid in order to have a chance at winning the war against Russia, pointing out the significant advantage Russia holds in terms of artillery shells.

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