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Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Israel’s Response to Iranian Attack Demonstrates Essential Measures for Kyiv

Kyiv (AP) — The Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, highlighted the success of Israel and its allies in thwarting a massive Iranian attack with missiles and drones. He emphasized that with more support from its partners, Ukraine could achieve similar results against Russian aerial bombardments. Ukraine has been facing significant damage from recent Russian air campaigns targeting its energy infrastructure and other vital areas, prompting calls for increased air defense systems from Western allies after over two years of conflict.

Israel’s defense system, supported by the United States and the United Kingdom – countries backing Ukraine’s war effort as well – successfully averted serious damage or casualties in Sunday’s attack by Iran, which involved over 300 drones and missiles.

During a press briefing in Kyiv, Kuleba urged Ukraine’s partners to provide the necessary support, stating, “Give us what we need, and we will do the rest of the work.”

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy echoed similar sentiments following the Iranian attack, emphasizing the importance of effective defense mechanisms. “The whole world sees what true defense is. See that it is feasible,” he communicated via Telegram.

In a social media update, Zelenskyy disclosed that Russia had launched nearly 130 explosive drones, over 80 missiles, and close to 700 guided aerial bombs at Ukraine last week. He reiterated the urgent need for more Patriot systems from allies.

The Institute for the Study of War pointed out key distinctions between the challenges faced by Israel and Ukraine. The think tank explained that Russian forces launch drones and missiles from occupied territories within Ukraine and areas near Ukraine and Russia, giving Ukrainian air defenders limited time to respond compared to Israel and its allies who successfully countered the Iranian attack.

The increased scale and precision of recent Russian assaults have raised concerns among Ukrainian defense officials. They highlighted that Kremlin forces possess better intelligence and employ new tactics to target Ukraine’s power grid and economy. Furthermore, Moscow appears to have exploited weaknesses in Ukraine’s air defense systems across the vast country.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is grappling with ammunition and troop shortages, with military leaders warning of a deteriorating battlefield situation in the industrial east. Hindered by the delay in a US aid package valued at around $60 billion for Ukraine, the country faces challenges in obtaining essential air defense supplies.

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