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United States Imposes New Sanctions on Iran as Israel Outlines Military Response Strategy

Joseph Biden insists on punishing Iran without firing a single missile, while Benjamin Netanyahu and his War Cabinet define a military offensive against Tehran that can cause an unprecedented conflict in the Middle East. Last night, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III spoke with his Israeli colleague Yoav Gallant to reiterate the White House’s position, but the communication ended without resolution, leaving the decision to attack in the hands of the Israelis.

After Iran’s attack on Israel, Biden warned Netanyahu that a military response could lead to war with unpredictable consequences, breaking the alliance with certain Arab countries. However, Netanyahu and his War Cabinet, including Minister Gallant and General Benny Gantz, believe that diplomatic or financial sanctions are not sufficient in this situation.

Israel is currently deliberating the scope of its potential attack on Tehran and seeks support from the United States. Iran has warned of a severe response to any action against its interests. Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen plans to announce economic and financial measures against Iran for its recent attack on Israeli territory.

The White House’s diplomatic strategy, supported by the Group of 7, is to impose sanctions on Iran for its actions in the Middle East. While countries like Germany support the right to self-defense, they reject the idea of military retaliation. The US and G7 fear that a military response could escalate into a total war in the region.

Netanyahu’s decision may lead to conflicts in various regions, including Gaza, Lebanon, and Iran. Israel will rely on the US and the G7 to contain threats from Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. The situation remains tense, and the possibility of further communication between Biden and Netanyahu cannot be ruled out.

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