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United States Investigation Uncovers Chinese Subsidies for Fentanyl Production Overseas

A special committee of the House of Representatives in the USA presented a report on Tuesday stating that China subsidizes the production of fentanyl abroad, contributing to the crisis of this drug in the United States. The investigation evaluated the role of China in the epidemic of fentanyl, which is currently the leading cause of overdose deaths.

The report revealed that Beijing offers economic incentives for the manufacturing of materials and chemical precursors used in the production of fentanyl and other synthetic substances, as long as companies sell them outside China. Additionally, Chinese companies help manufacturers evade US investigations and notification requests about their activities.

Raja Krishnamoorthi, the top Democrat on the commission, highlighted that Chinese companies sell synthetic opiates on their websites, which is unacceptable. The president of the Commission, Mike Gallagher, accused the Chinese Communist Party of promoting the entry of fentanyl into the US for chaos and devastation.

The former attorney general, William Barr, supported the report’s findings, stating that China is deeply involved in sponsoring and exporting fentanyl precursors, contradicting their narrative of cooperation. The research raises questions about China’s commitment to combating drug trafficking despite renewed agreements in November between President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping.

Barr recommended using US commercial power to push China for compliance with laws and urged civilians to report illegal activities. The report calls on Congress to empower the President to sanction actors in the fentanyl chain and impose financial penalties on violators.

The report also suggests establishing a working group under the Attorney General to advise on national security issues related to opioids. The Chinese Embassy in Washington has not commented on the matter.

(With information from AP)

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