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United States-Japan Joint Leaders’ Statement Released by U.S. Embassy & Consulates in China

Over the past three years, the U.S.-Japan Alliance has reached new heights, setting an unprecedented milestone. President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio are celebrating this achievement during the Prime Minister’s Official Visit and State Dinner in Washington, D.C. We are entering a new phase of strategic cooperation between the United States and Japan, focusing on realizing a free and open Indo-Pacific and world.

In this era of U.S.-Japan cooperation, both countries acknowledge the impact of global events on the security and stability of the Indo-Pacific region. The two nations are working together across various domains to build a global partnership capable of addressing modern challenges for the benefit of both countries and the world. The Alliance cooperation is expanding to reflect the global nature of the partnership.

The core of this cooperation is a shared commitment to collaborate with like-minded partners and multilateral institutions to address common challenges and secure a free, open, connected, resilient, and secure world. The efforts focus on upholding international law, promoting human rights, respecting sovereignty, and maintaining a free and open international order.

To advance the global partnership, new strategic initiatives are announced, focusing on defense and security cooperation, space exploration, technology innovation, economic security, climate action, global diplomacy, development, and enhancing people-to-people ties.

Strengthening Defense and Security Cooperation

The U.S.-Japan Alliance reaffirms its commitment to bilateral defense and security cooperation under the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security. Both countries aim to modernize their capabilities and enhance their deterrence, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region. Efforts are being made to deepen intelligence sharing and upgrade command and control frameworks.

Strategic initiatives include strengthening Alliance force posture, enhancing cooperation on counterstrike capabilities, and developing a Glide Phase Interceptor program. The two countries are committed to deepening bilateral defense industrial cooperation and improving cybersecurity.

Exploring New Frontiers in Space

The United States and Japan are collaborating on lunar exploration with a focus on sustainable operation on the Moon’s surface. Both nations aim to deepen cooperation on astronaut training and develop a Low Earth Orbit detection system for missiles.

Leading on Innovation, Economic Security, and Climate Action

The U.S. and Japan are aligning their economic and technology strategies to promote innovation, strengthen supply chains, and drive sustainable economic growth. Both countries are working to accelerate the clean energy transition and foster global leadership in critical technologies.

Efforts include expanding investments in startups, semiconductor cooperation, and advancing global economic frameworks like the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF). Collaboration in areas such as climate action, renewable energy, and promoting sustainable development are also highlighted.

Partnering on Global Diplomacy and Development

The U.S. and Japan are committed to upholding international laws and promoting global peace and security. Efforts include supporting UN reforms, enhancing regional security cooperation, and addressing challenges in areas like the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait.

The two countries are also collaborating on strengthening multilateral development banks, fostering investment in infrastructure, and supporting economic growth in regions like Africa and Latin America.

Fortifying People-to-People Ties

Both nations emphasize the importance of people-to-people exchanges in strengthening the U.S.-Japan relationship. Efforts are focused on enhancing student mobility, expanding educational programs, and supporting gender equality and women’s empowerment initiatives. The commitment to diverse future generations of U.S.-Japan experts is reaffirmed.

Overall, the U.S.-Japan Alliance celebrates its achievements over the past years and commits to advancing peace, security, and prosperity in the future. The enduring friendship between the two nations will continue to drive global cooperation and partnerships for generations to come.


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