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United States Points Finger at Mexico for Corruption and Lack of Political Will

The United States Congressional Research Service has accused Mexico of playing a key role in the production and trafficking of illegal fentanyl to the United States. As a result, US narcotics policies regarding Mexico have been reevaluated.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) revealed in a report that in the past five years, there has been a shift in focus towards synthetic opioid production and fentanyl trafficking, as well as addressing the diversion of precursor chemicals and public health concerns.

The US Congress has accused Mexico of corruption and a lack of political will in the fight against fentanyl. Both countries have implemented unilateral actions and bilateral efforts under the Bicentennial Security Framework to address this issue and mitigate the flow of fentanyl and its associated financial consequences.

The report highlighted that clandestine fentanyl production in Mexico involves the use of chemical precursors from China, with Mexican cartels like Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generación playing a key role in obtaining these inputs and trafficking them to the United States. Despite international control measures, the challenge of detecting the illicit diversion of these chemicals remains.

According to the report, Mexican transnational criminal organizations are not only responsible for the production of fentanyl but also for controlling its cross-border trafficking to the United States, where it is distributed at the retail level. Barriers such as corruption and limited political will in Mexico, which often views fentanyl as primarily an American problem, continue to pose significant challenges.

Drug cooperation between Mexico and the United States has seen fluctuations, but recent efforts have been revitalized with the enforcement of new laws in Mexico and the strengthening of institutions with anti-drug functions. The second phase of the Bicentennial Framework focuses on combating fentanyl production and arms trafficking, which is a key priority for Mexico.

The report “Illegal Fentanyl and the Role of Mexico” suggests that the US Congress is expected to continue influencing narcotics control policy concerning Mexico, through budget decisions and oversight requirements in future legislation. The accusations of corruption and limited political will against Mexico have heightened the urgency with which Congress aims to address the issue of fentanyl.

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