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Unveiling the Details of His Impressive 3.5 Million Euro House

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva met in 2014 in one of the hotels she owned in Positano, sparking a love story that has lasted a decade and continues to thrive. The couple, who got married in 2018 and have two children together, have decided to make a significant change in their lives that directly relates to Silva’s roots and preferences.

Richard Gere has confirmed that he, along with his family, except for his son Homer, will be moving to Spain. The Hollywood actor shared in an interview with Vanity Fair that they will be relocating to Madrid in the upcoming fall. Gere expressed his excitement about this new adventure as he has never lived outside the United States full-time before. He also mentioned how important it is for his children to experience a different culture and lifestyle.

Gere described his passion for the Spanish lifestyle, food, and people, highlighting Silva’s connection to her family and culture as a significant factor in their decision to move. He emphasized the importance of reciprocity in their relationship, mentioning that Silva had supported him for six years in his world, so now it was his turn to support her for at least another six living in her world.

The couple has chosen to reside in the luxurious neighborhood of La Moraleja in Madrid. They have selected an 800 square meter house with two floors, eight bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a semi-basement, and a garage. The property also features a spacious garden with a swimming pool and is surrounded by green areas and golf courses, ensuring security and privacy. Additionally, the proximity to bilingual schools was a key factor in their decision.

While homes in the La Moraleja neighborhood typically cost around 10 million euros, Gere and Silva have opted to renovate a second-hand property with an estimated price of 3.5 million euros. Other notable celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham and Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio are known to have residences in the area as well.

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