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Update 20 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Update 20 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Update 20 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Comprehensive Overview of ColdFusion (2016 Release) Updates

As the lifecycle of ColdFusion (2016 release) comes to an end, it’s crucial for users and developers to be aware of the updates that have been released over the years. Adobe officially ceased core support for this version on February 17, 2021, marking an end to new updates or bug fixes. This article provides a detailed look at each update released for ColdFusion (2016), emphasizing the importance of applying these updates to ensure security and efficiency in operations.

Final Stages of ColdFusion (2016 Release)

With the end of core support, ColdFusion (2016 release) will no longer receive updates or patches. Users are encouraged to upgrade to newer versions to maintain support and security. The end-of-life (EOL) matrix provided by Adobe offers crucial information on these dates and more, guiding users through their transition plans.

Historical Updates of ColdFusion (2016 Release)

Throughout its lifecycle, ColdFusion (2016) received numerous updates, each addressing specific vulnerabilities and enhancing functionality. Here’s a breakdown of key updates:

Update 17: Security Enhancements

Released on March 22, 2021, Update 17 was among the final updates provided. It focused on rectifying vulnerabilities as highlighted in the security bulletin APSB21-16. This update was crucial for maintaining the security integrity of the ColdFusion servers right up to the end of its support lifecycle.

Consistent Security Focus in Previous Updates

Prior to Update 17, ColdFusion (2016) saw a consistent emphasis on security. Updates 16, 15, and 14, released in July 2020, April 2020, and March 2020 respectively, all addressed critical vulnerabilities. Each update came with detailed documentation and guidance to assist users in seamlessly applying these changes.

General and Security Fixes in Earlier Updates

Updates 13 through 6 introduced a mix of general bug fixes and security enhancements. For instance, Update 13, released on November 20, 2019, tackled several bugs found in previous iterations. Going further back, Update 6, released on April 10, 2018, included language updates and other minor improvements alongside security patches.

Initial Updates and Their Impact

The early updates of ColdFusion (2016), starting from Update 1 released on May 10, 2016, laid the groundwork for a stable and secure platform. These updates were pivotal in addressing initial bugs and vulnerabilities, setting a strong foundation for subsequent releases.

Installing ColdFusion Updates

Adobe has always emphasized the importance of keeping software up-to-date. For ColdFusion (2016), users were advised to download updates from the official links provided and follow the detailed installation instructions to ensure successful update implementation.

Looking Ahead: Transitioning from ColdFusion (2016)

With the conclusion of support for ColdFusion (2016), users should consider planning their upgrade to newer versions of ColdFusion. Transitioning to a supported version ensures continued access to security updates, technical support, and new features, thereby protecting and enhancing their web applications.


  • What happens now that support for ColdFusion (2016) has ended?
    There will be no new updates or security patches. Users are encouraged to upgrade to a newer version of ColdFusion.
  • How can I download the last updates of ColdFusion (2016)?
    Updates can be downloaded from Adobe’s official ColdFusion page, where historical updates are listed along with installation instructions.
  • Are there security risks in continuing to use ColdFusion (2016)?
    Yes, without new security patches, continuing to use ColdFusion (2016) could expose your systems to security vulnerabilities.
  • Can I still receive technical support for ColdFusion (2016)?
    No, technical support for ColdFusion (2016) ended with the core support phase. Users should upgrade to receive support.
  • What are the benefits of upgrading to a newer version of ColdFusion?
    Upgrading ensures access to the latest security updates, features, and Adobe support, thereby enhancing the functionality and security of your applications.

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