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Upgrading marital status on Venezuelan identity card: Here’s how it’s done

The Administrative Service for Identification, Migration, and Immigration (Saime) has recently announced a range of technological enhancements to its website. One notable feature is the ability for users to update their marital status.

Additionally, Saime has shared various tutorials on its social media platforms to assist users in navigating the document processing procedures managed by the entity.

The process begins by logging into the Saime website with the user’s credentials. Once logged in, users can select the option to request data updates, which includes categories such as “Passport,” “Identification Card,” and “Civil Data.”

Under the “Civil Data” section, users can view their personal information and select the option for a change in marital status or personal details.

Upon making the selection, users will be prompted to fill out an identity form and proceed to review the required documents for the appointment.

Once the user confirms the necessary documents, they can proceed to schedule an appointment at a Saime office to update their civil status data. Users can choose a convenient date and time for their appointment.

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