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US Congress to Address Economic Aid Projects for Israel and Ukraine Separately

The president of the House of Representatives, the Republican Mike Johnson, announced on Monday that bills will be addressed separately to provide aid to Israel and Ukraine, ignoring the call from American president, Joe Biden, to approve a joint package of $95 billion.

Johnson stated at a news conference that he hopes funds for these two countries, along with others to provide aid to allies of the United States, will be voted on separately on Friday night. This includes aid in the Indo-Pacific.

The recent Iranian attack on Israel over the weekend has pressured Johnson to allow a vote on assistance to specific countries, especially to Ukraine, which some hardline Republicans oppose.

“There are sudden developments around the world that we are all watching very carefully,” Johnson told reporters after meeting with members of the Republican Party of the Lower House.

The Republican explained that separate projects will be studied to provide funds “to their ally” Israel, support Ukraine in its war against Russia, strengthen allies of the USA in the Indo-Pacific, and approve additional measures to enhance national security.

This decision comes after an explicit request from Biden on Monday, urging Congress to approve a $95 billion package with help for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, which has been stalled due to opposition from the Republican Party.

While the US Senate approved a supplemental aid package for Israel and Ukraine in February, Johnson has not brought it to a vote in the House, despite Biden’s urgency. The President stressed the importance of Congress approving the financing without delay.

On Sunday night, Biden discussed the urgency of approving aid for Israel and Ukraine with the four US congressional leaders, reaching a consensus on the matter, as reported by Senate majority leader, the Democrat Chuck Shumer.

Johnson left open the possibility of eventually combining the projects into a single package, but currently prefers them to be studied and approved individually.

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