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Valentino Lanús Set to Return to the Jungle Following Completion of Telenovela Filming

Valentino Lanús surprised his followers a few months ago, when he decided to return to the small screen after several years of absence from the world of soap operas. However, during the end of the recordings of the melodrama ‘Your life is my life’, the 48-year-old performer confessed that for the moment he does not wish to continue in the artistic medium, as he wishes to return to the jungle to continue his meditations.

“I will return to my life where we took a break to come to fulfill this incredible mission that has been fascinating and enormously enjoyable and return to my spiritual movements,” he explained to the cameras of the program Hoy.

However, Valentino clarified that beyond his work as an actor, he also helped his project colleagues change their lifestyle.

“I came to help, to release the dense energy of production, to harmonize and we achieved it, it is hard, very hard work, the people who are there, who know and who saw us from the beginning clean, purify, awaken, open the way to “We all achieved a great mission, we made a great, beautiful and enjoyable miracle, which was a completely harmonious production,” he declared.

Finally, the soap opera heartthrob reiterated that for now his main mission is to transmit and continue cultivating all the knowledge he acquired away from civilization.

“In the jungle, I was given incredible qualities of power, seeing from this perspective or the third eye, opening, opening completely, but also not only that, but I was able to transmit that knowledge and help others open their third eye and perceive from there, is a gift that life, nature, and God gave us and that is there to recover it, it is a power that we have as humans and it is to perceive from there,” he concluded.

Source: Mexico Agency

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