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Valorant New Agent Release Date Updates and Other Details

Valorant New Agent Release Date Updates and Other Details

Valorant New Agent Release Date Updates and Other Details

Valorant’s Newest Addition: Agent Clove

Valorant, the popular tactical shooter by Riot Games, is set to welcome a new character to its roster. The upcoming agent, named Clove, has been the subject of much anticipation and speculation. With a scheduled release in the near future, here’s everything you need to know about this new Controller agent, including their unique abilities, backstory, and the impact they may have on the game’s strategic meta.

Introduction of Clove

After much speculation and several leaks, Clove was officially revealed just before the grand finals at VCT Masters Madrid 2024. This announcement has ended weeks of rumors and has excited the community about the capabilities and gameplay changes the new agent will bring. Clove, a non-binary character from Scotland, adds to the diversity and depth of Valorant’s character pool.

Release Date and Maintenance Schedule

Clove is set to make their debut in Valorant on March 26, coinciding with the launch of patch 8.05. To facilitate this update, servers across various regions will undergo maintenance. For North American, LATAM, and Brazil servers, the maintenance window is scheduled from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM PT. European players will see a similar downtime starting at 4:00 AM GMT and concluding at 8:00 AM GMT on March 27.

Abilities Overview

Clove brings a unique set of skills that defy the conventional gameplay mechanics by allowing them to manipulate life energy. Their primary ability, “Not Dead Yet,” lets Clove resurrect themselves under certain conditions, adding a new layer of strategy to matches. Other abilities include “Ruse,” which creates vision-obscuring clouds, “Meddle,” which deteriorates the life essence of opponents, and “Pick-Me-Up,” which uses the life energy of fallen enemies to boost Clove’s agility and health.

Strategic Impact

As a Controller, Clove is designed to influence the flow of the game by managing space and sightlines. Their abilities suggest a focus on altering player engagements and survival, which could shift the current meta. Teams may need to devise new strategies to accommodate or counter Clove’s capabilities effectively.

Community Reaction and Speculation

The reveal of Clove has sparked discussions and theories within the Valorant community. Players are eagerly dissecting each ability and predicting how they might combine with existing agents to create powerful synergies. The introduction of a self-resurrecting mechanic, in particular, has been a hot topic, with many curious about how it will balance with the rest of the game.

Looking Forward

As the release date approaches, more details about Clove are expected to emerge. Riot Games may release additional teasers or gameplay videos to give players a better understanding of how Clove will operate in live game scenarios. For now, players and fans can stay tuned to official Valorant social media channels and community forums for the latest updates and discussions.


  • When will Agent Clove be available in Valorant?
    Clove is scheduled for release on March 26, alongside the update patch 8.05.
  • What role does Clove play in Valorant?
    Clove is a Controller, focusing on manipulating the battlefield and enemy visibility.
  • Can Clove really resurrect themselves?
    Yes, Clove’s ability “Not Dead Yet” allows them to defy death by meeting specific in-game conditions.
  • How will Clove affect the current Valorant meta?
    Clove’s unique abilities are expected to introduce new strategic elements, potentially shifting the current gameplay meta.
  • Where can I find more information about Clove’s abilities?
    More detailed information about Clove’s abilities will likely be released closer to the launch date. Keep an eye on Valorant’s official social media for updates.

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