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Vasilisa And Valeriy What Happened

Vasilisa And Valeriy What Happened

Vasilisa and Valeriy: The Breakup Explained

The Breakup of Vasilisa Kaganovskaya and Valeriy Angelopol: An Inside Look

In a revealing interview with Okko Sport, Valeriy Angelopol opened up about the dissolution of his professional partnership with Vasilisa Kaganovskaya, a split that caught the attention of the figure skating world. This partnership, once celebrated for its potential to dominate the Russian figure skating scene, ended abruptly, leaving fans and experts puzzled about the sudden change in their dynamic.

The Decision to Part Ways

According to Valeriy Angelopol, the decision to end the partnership was not made lightly or hastily. The issues between him and Vasilisa had been brewing for over a year, even before their participation in the previous season’s test skates. Angelopol expressed that the continuous disagreements and the growing rift made it clear that the partnership was untenable. Despite their successful performances and positive feedback from the figure skating community, the internal conflicts had reached a point where they overshadowed their achievements on the ice.

Contractual Attempts to Mend the Partnership

In an effort to salvage their working relationship, a contract was proposed by their coach, Anjelika Alekseevna Krylova. The contract was meant to outline specific responsibilities and behaviors for both skaters, aiming to minimize conflicts and ensure a smoother collaboration. However, this attempt failed when, after agreeing to the terms and even experiencing a peaceful month of cooperation, Vasilisa and her team ultimately refused to sign the finalized document. This refusal led to further deterioration of trust and cooperation between the two skaters.

The Impact of the Breakup

The breakup had significant personal repercussions for Valeriy Angelopol. He described a period of paranoia and fear, exacerbated by threats and hostile messages from disappointed fans. This situation forced him to isolate himself, avoiding public spaces and even skipping training sessions. The psychological impact of the breakup was profound, affecting his personal life and his professional routine. It was only with the support of close friends and a gradual re-exposure to public life that Angelopol began to recover from the ordeal.

Current Endeavors and Moving Forward

Despite the challenging circumstances surrounding the breakup with Vasilisa, Valeriy Angelopol has resumed his skating career. He is now training with a new partner, Arina Ushakova, and is working on rebuilding his confidence and presence in the sport. The transition has not been easy, but Angelopol is committed to returning to his former competitive form and possibly exploring new opportunities in his skating career.

Lessons Learned

The story of Vasilisa and Valeriy is a poignant reminder of the complexities behind the scenes in professional sports. It highlights the importance of communication, mutual respect, and trust in maintaining not only a professional partnership but also mental and emotional well-being. For upcoming athletes, their story serves as a case study on the potential impact of personal dynamics on professional performance and the critical nature of supportive coaching and management.


  • What were the main reasons behind the breakup of Vasilisa Kaganovskaya and Valeriy Angelopol?
    The main reasons were ongoing personal conflicts and a fundamental rift that grew over time, despite attempts to resolve issues through discussions and contractual agreements.
  • Did Valeriy Angelopol face any personal consequences following the breakup?
    Yes, he experienced significant psychological stress, including paranoia and fear of public backlash, which affected his personal life and professional routine.
  • How did Valeriy try to resolve the issues with Vasilisa?
    They attempted to address their issues through mediated discussions and a formal contract outlining behavioral expectations, which ultimately was not signed.
  • Is Valeriy Angelopol currently skating with a new partner?
    Yes, he is currently training with a new partner, Arina Ushakova.
  • What can upcoming athletes learn from their story?
    Upcoming athletes can learn the importance of communication, the impact of personal relationships on professional performance, and the need for effective management and supportive coaching.

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