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Venezuelan Armed Forces Aim to Replicate Iranian Drone Attack on Israel: Photos Revealed

On April 12, images were made public showing a drone project called “Zamora V-1”, which would be produced by the Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela based on the design of the Iranian Shahed 131/136 drone. The existence of a 1.5 meter long model could be observed, which stands out for its similarity to the aforementioned Iranian attack system, along with an information sheet with the characteristics stipulated for the design.

By: Military-Zone

The Shahed system has already had its baptism of fire, being supplied by the Islamic Republic of Iran to the inventories of the Russian Ground Forces, and put into use on the Ukrainian battlefields. Since the Shahed 136 version is the one that has been used the most, Iran continues to develop the system based on the data obtained on the front, and in September 2023 it presented a new drone model: the Shahed 238. It is characterized mainly due to the integration of a turbojet propulsion system that makes it faster and quieter, although at the cost of reducing its explosive load given the need to add a larger fuel load.

For its part, the Venezuelan Zamora V-1 project has the following characteristics: A length of 1.5 meters, a measurement that is equivalent to its wingspan, which has the shape of a trimmed delta wing. It has an estimated weight of 35 kilograms, and is capable of achieving speeds of between 120 and 150 km/h, reaching a distance of up to 30 kilometers and a height of 2000 meters. Being controlled by a remote terminal with GPS technology, the Zamora V-1 would use an RPG-7 projectile as its explosive charge.

You can read the full note at Military zone

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