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Venezuelan Emigrant Embarks on Global Motorcycle Adventure

When he still lived in Venezuela, Gerardo Echeto always had the plan to tour South America in a 4×4 (all-terrain truck). Although that dream didn’t materialize, it inspired him to venture out and buy a motorcycle in 2021 to tour Europe.

Since then, Echeto has traveled not only in Europe but also to other continents on his motorcycle, documenting his journey on social media, particularly on his Instagram account @tedoylavuelta. His goal is to travel the world, taking his time to experience and learn about different cultures and customs.

44-year-old Echeto, originally from Maracaibo, has visited around 30 countries, including Turkey, Siberia, and Mongolia. Currently, he is traveling through Central Asia en route to Europe.

One of his biggest challenges has been managing finances while traveling, which he solves by taking up temporary jobs in different countries. Echeto travels light, carrying essential clothing, camping gear, and tools for his motorcycle, reserving most of his luggage space for electronic equipment to document his journey.

Despite the challenges, Echeto finds joy and fulfillment in his travels, with Central Asia being his favorite destination so far due to its culture, hospitality, and nature.

Echeto emigrated from Venezuela to Italy in 2015 due to the crisis and lack of opportunities in his home country. He plans to eventually return to Venezuela, starting a journey from Ushuaia to Alaska and showcasing the beauty of his country along the way.

His story serves as motivation for others who dream of embarking on similar adventures, emphasizing that with dedication and organization, dreams can be achieved. Echeto hopes to inspire others to pursue their passions and overcome their fears to experience the rewards of chasing their dreams.

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