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Verifying the Facts: Debunking Trump’s Untrue Statements Regarding His Trial in Court

Former President Donald Trump made a series of false claims about his trial as he entered and exited the Manhattan courtroom this week. He falsely claimed that “thousands of people” were turned away from the courthouse due to security measures, when in reality, there were few Trump supporters present. Trump also falsely stated that his former lawyer Michael Cohen’s crimes had nothing to do with him, despite Cohen being involved in a hush money scheme during the 2016 campaign that aimed to conceal Trump’s alleged extramarital relationships. Trump also complained about a gag order placed on him by the judge, falsely claiming it restricted his ability to speak. Lastly, Trump baselessly claimed that his trial was all Biden’s doing, when in fact, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a locally elected official, is leading the prosecution, and there is no evidence of Biden’s involvement.


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