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VRAEM Marine Joint Command reveals Luminous Path; Children of ‘Vilma’ and ‘José’ confess location of terrorist camps, sparking new policy initiative

At 3:30 am, the Joint Intelligence and Special Operations Command (CIOEC) launched a major offensive with the aim of infiltrating the key camps still occupied by Shining Path terrorists in the depths of Vraem.

The exact location of the area where the terrorist organization’s leaders were believed to be hiding was provided by the captured children of comrades ‘José’ and ‘Vilma’, who were taken into custody months ago by the Joint Command of the Armed Forces and the Dircote.

‘José Jr.’ and comrade ‘Hugo’ or ‘Gabriel’ revealed the coordinates of their parents, paving the way for the ongoing military operation, which aims to capture the three most significant commanders of the Shining Path group: Víctor Quispe Palomino (‘José’), Florabel Vargas Figueroa (‘Vilma’), and another unidentified terrorist.

The operation took place near the Jerusalem native community of Miñaro in the Pangoa district of the central jungle of Peru. The town houses many residents who, under the influence of the Shining Path, shield the subversives from the advancing military forces.

Since daybreak, social media has been abuzz with footage of the offensive unfolding. Videos captured the dark sky illuminated by gunfire, with the activity ceasing as daylight broke. Residents in the vicinity observed military helicopters circling the area throughout the morning.

The Joint Command has confirmed that the operation is ongoing, with additional military patrols entering the Vraem jungle to support the ongoing efforts against the Shining Path.

During a morning raid on the Sendero camps by the CIOEC military patrol, terrorists launched an attack resulting in injuries to several patrol members from explosive fragments and a tragic loss.

An official statement released by the Armed Forces yesterday confirmed the death of Third-Class Technician Edgar Tiburcio Espinoza of the Peruvian Navy during the confrontation.

Technician Tiburcio, aged 36, had dedicated 13 years to special operations in high-risk areas like Vraem. Known for his service in the Navy’s amphibious command, he had expertise in doctrine, communications procedures, and satellite systems.

Additionally, he was honored as a “Vrae Combatant” for his extended service in the emergency zone, and had been decorated with two Special Forces and Naval Zones badges, exclusive to military personnel. A fallen hero in combat.

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