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Walt Disney Implements New Policies Barring Certain Individuals from Florida Park Entry

The Mickey Mouse company will apply severe sanctions in the coming weeks. Photo: LR/Klipartz composition

New regulations. Disney announced that it will apply strict measures against guests who commit violations and misuse the Disabled Access Service (DAS). The sanctions announced by the famous mouse house are measures that could permanently prohibit entry to its theme parks in the United States.

In addition, he expressed an important modification in the program policies which are designed to offer an inclusive experience to people with developmental disabilities, “such as autism or others similar”, since they cannot remain in line for long periods.

What is Disability Access Service (DAS), the service offered by Disney?

The Disability Access Service (DAS) is a service designed to help visitors with disabilities and who face some difficulties such as waiting for long periods in regular lines. Thus, the DAS is intended for people with a non-visible disability, such as, for example, autism or multiple sclerosis. Guests can schedule a time to return to a specific attraction, similar to the current wait time. However, it does not provide immediate access to the attraction.

The DAS was misused by some people who sought to take advantage of its benefits. Photo: The Spectator

Once a return time is assigned, guests are free to enjoy other activities in the park while virtually waiting their turn, rather than in-person in line. After the visitor has used their return time, they can reserve another time for the same attraction or any other attraction in the park.

How does Disney’s Disability Access Service program work?

Users who require it You will have the option to conduct your interview up to 30 days before your visit to determine your eligibility for the DAS program. As part of this process, future visitors will be able to participate in a video conference with a park representative. If you do not complete this process in advance, upon arriving at the facilities, you can go to the visitor service window.

“If any statement made by a guest in the DAS process is determined to be untrue, the guest will be permanently banned from Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, and any Annual Pass, Magic Key Pass, admission and Other products and services of the parks previously purchased will be lost and will not be refunded,” the Mickey Mouse company announced.

According to information on the theme park’s official website, the program is designed to serve only a small percentage of guests who actually need assistance. This initiative does not guarantee immediate access to attractions, but rather allows the visitor to register to return at a specific time, equivalent to the time spent waiting in line.

Learn how Disney’s DAS program works. Photo: Disney World

Changes to the DAS program go into effect June 18 at Disneyland and May 20 at Walt Disney World. With this measure, the park authorities seek to stop abuse by the public of this initiative, since the use of the DAS as an “exit” to avoid waiting times at attractions and receive personalized attention has spread on social networks.

Why is it said that there are people abusing the DAS program?

The announcement of the DAS program policy changes created a lot of uncertainty among the public and Disney fans. However, the company stated that The change was made because many users abused this benefit over the last five years for health problems such as: multiple sclerosis, respiratory problems, Crohn’s disease and anxiety.

Disney’s DAS program seeks to provide benefits for people with disabilities. Photo: Walt Disney World

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