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Walt Disney Studios Captivates Audience at CinemaCon 2024 Convention

Walt Disney Studios wowed attendees at the CinemaCon 2024 Convention in Las Vegas by presenting its upcoming film releases from various production studios. Alan Bergman, Co-chairman of Disney Entertainment, discussed the movie experience and the exciting lineup of films the studio will be sending to theaters in the coming months. Tony Chambers, Executive Vice President and Head of Theatrical Distribution, also addressed the audience.

The presentation included a thrilling look at 20th Century Studios’ highly anticipated action-adventure film “Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom” directed by Wes Ball. They also showcased “The Girl and the Sea,” a true story about Trudy Ederle, the first woman to cross the English Channel. Attendees were treated to a first glimpse of these exciting new films.

Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actress Amy Poehler talked about Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out 2,” where new emotions enter the mix. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, discussed “Captain America: A New World” and “Deadpool & Wolverine,” introducing the star-studded casts and exclusive previews of the films. Ridley Scott and Fede Álvarez shared details about “Alien: Romulus,” and Searchlight Pictures presented “Poor Creatures” and “Types of Courtesy.”

The presentation also included a sneak peek at “The Amateur,” an action-packed espionage film, and “Mufasa: The Lion King,” the sequel to the 2019 hit. The event concluded with Dwayne Johnson announcing “Moana 2,” where he returns as the voice of Maui. Johnson was also honored with the NATO Spirit of the Industry Award for his dedication to the cinematic experience.

Overall, the CinemaCon presentation offered a glimpse into the exciting future of cinema with a diverse range of upcoming releases from various studios under the Disney umbrella.

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