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Warnings about not leaving valuables in parked cars in San Francisco went unheeded by Rep. Adam Schiff.

San Francisco has a reputation for car burglaries, as U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff learned when his luggage was stolen from his car in a downtown garage. Schiff attended a fundraising dinner for his Senate campaign dressed informally due to the theft. Although reported auto break-ins are decreasing, smashed windows and broken glass are still common in the city. Despite advice to remove valuables from parked cars, Schiff did not follow it. The San Francisco Police Department has cracked down on auto break-ins, with nearly 900 reported in February. Schiff, a former prosecutor, has gained national prominence and advocates for criminal justice reform. The burglary of a prominent congressman like Schiff brought social media criticism and recalled a similar incident involving former Sen. Barbara Boxer.


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