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Was the decision to release all episodes of ‘Fallout’ at once detrimental to the show’s success?

With the rise in popularity of streaming platforms like Netflix, one of the key factors was its release model for TV series. Netflix was innovative in releasing entire seasons all at once, breaking away from the traditional weekly format.

Now, different streaming services decide on their own release strategies, sometimes even mixing different models. For example, Netflix now divides its seasons into parts, releasing them at different times. Other platforms like Prime Video may opt for weekly releases, though some series are still dropped all at once.

There is no longer a single dominant release model for TV series, with each service choosing what works best for their content. While some still prefer the traditional weekly release, others like BenDavid Grabinski, creator of Scott Pilgrim Takes the Leap, criticize the all-at-once release as not ideal.

Grabinski’s criticism stems from Netflix’s approach with series like Fallout, where releasing everything at once may not be the best strategy. On the other hand, series like X-Men ’97 on Disney+ generate buzz and discussion with a weekly release schedule.

While Netflix has found success with their simultaneous release model, the weekly release format creates anticipation, discussion, and allows viewers to savor the content over a longer period. Series like Shogun on Disney+ have gained popularity through this gradual release approach.

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