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What Happened To Abby Lee Miller

What Happened To Abby Lee Miller

What Happened To Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller’s Ongoing Struggles and Setbacks

Abby Lee Miller, the renowned dance coach and television personality, has faced a tumultuous few years filled with health challenges and personal setbacks. Known for her dynamic presence on the reality show “Dance Moms,” Miller’s life took a dramatic turn when she was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, in 2018. This diagnosis came shortly after undergoing a critical spinal surgery that left her wheelchair-bound.

Recent Health Challenges

In a recent conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Miller shared distressing news about her health. She experienced a severe accident that resulted in the shattering of her tibia and fibula. This incident occurred when her wheelchair forcefully collided with a wall, marking a significant setback in her recovery journey. Previously, Miller had broken the upper part of her tibia and fibula, making this the second major injury to the same leg.

Miller’s health complications are compounded by the effects of her intensive chemotherapy treatments, which have made her bones more susceptible to fractures. Despite these challenges, she maintains a hopeful outlook on her recovery, expressing a strong desire to walk again. However, the recent accident has delayed her progress, leaving her to navigate the frustrations that come with slow recovery.

Life Adjustments and Public Perception

Living in Los Angeles, a city known for its fast pace and vibrant lifestyle, has posed additional challenges for Miller. She revealed that while she might appear active and well in public, her daily life involves struggles that are largely unseen by the public. Simple tasks such as getting out of bed and managing personal care have become significant challenges.

Miller also highlighted the extensive preparation required to make public appearances, which contrasts sharply with her reality behind closed doors. Despite these difficulties, she continues to attend physical and occupational therapy sessions multiple times a week and receives help from a caregiver to manage her household needs.

Continued Professional Engagement and Future Plans

Despite her health issues, Miller remains professionally active, teaching dance lessons globally via online platforms and engaging in charity work. She has collaborated with Chef Bruno Serato and Caterina’s Club to provide meals and housing assistance to those in need. Her commitment to these causes underscores her determination to remain involved in her passions, despite her physical limitations.

Looking ahead, Miller has expressed plans for cosmetic surgery, a decision influenced by previous medical advice against additional operations. Her resilience in the face of adversity is evident as she plans for the future while managing her ongoing health complications.

Legal and Financial Troubles

Miller’s challenges are not only medical but also legal and financial. She has been involved in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit with Hampton Inn & Suites, which remains unresolved. Additionally, her past legal issues, including a prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud, have added layers of complexity to her troubled career.

Despite these hurdles, Miller’s spirit remains unbroken. She continues to share her journey openly, providing insights into the realities of her life post-“Dance Moms” and her ongoing battles with health and legal issues.


Why is Abby Lee Miller in a wheelchair?
Abby Lee Miller is in a wheelchair due to paralysis that occurred after emergency spinal surgery to treat her Burkitt lymphoma in 2018.

What is Burkitt lymphoma?
Burkitt lymphoma is a rare and aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that affects the lymphatic system.

How is Abby Lee Miller doing now?
As of the latest updates, Abby Lee Miller is focusing on her recovery from recent injuries and continues to teach dance and engage in charity work despite her health challenges.

Did Abby Lee Miller serve time in prison?
Yes, Abby Lee Miller served a prison sentence starting in 2017 for bankruptcy fraud. She was released in 2018.

What are Abby Lee Miller’s future plans?
Abby Lee Miller plans to continue her recovery efforts, remain involved in teaching and charity work, and undergo cosmetic surgery in the future.

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