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What Happened To Addison Rae

What Happened To Addison Rae

What Happened To Addison Rae

What Happened To Addison Rae

Addison Rae, a prominent figure on social media, has recently faced a series of personal and professional challenges. The TikTok sensation, actress, and singer has been in the spotlight not just for her career but also due to the tumultuous events surrounding her family, particularly the allegations against her father, Monty Lopez.

Family Turmoil

The upheaval began in early July when Monty Lopez was accused of infidelity by influencer Renee Ash, who claimed that Lopez misled her about the status of his marriage to Addison’s mother, Sheri Nicole Easterling. Ash, 25, alleged that she was led to believe Lopez’s marriage was over, which Lopez and Easterling later denied. This revelation has caused significant public and personal strain on the family, particularly impacting Easterling and her children.

Easterling responded to the situation via her Instagram, expressing the difficulties of dealing with personal matters publicly and her intent to protect her children’s well-being above all. Meanwhile, both Addison Rae and her mother unfollowed Monty Lopez on social media, signaling a possible estrangement.

Public Reactions and Further Allegations

The controversy extended as internet personality Tana Mongeau intervened, sharing messages from other young women who also claimed to have had inappropriate encounters with Lopez. Mongeau’s involvement brought additional attention to the allegations, complicating the public image of Lopez further. Amidst these issues, Lopez engaged in a public dispute with rapper Yung Gravy, leading to a series of awkward and contentious exchanges on social media.

This feud with Yung Gravy began after the rapper expressed interest in Easterling, who had recently declared herself single. The situation escalated when Lopez challenged Gravy to a boxing match, a challenge that was not reciprocated with the same level of seriousness by Gravy.

Media Appearances and Public Statements

The drama peeked during the MTV Video Music Awards when Easterling appeared alongside Yung Gravy, confirming rumors of their romantic link. This public display further fueled the media frenzy around the family’s personal affairs. In response, Lopez’s reactions were met with criticism for potentially embarrassing his daughter and not respecting her public image.

Amidst these family issues, Addison Rae has been trying to navigate her own career and public persona. She recently faced a significant setback when she revealed that she had been permanently banned from TikTok, the platform that initially propelled her to fame. This ban, which she announced on Twitter, has left her unable to post new content, although the exact reasons for the ban remain unclear.

Addison Rae’s Career and Public Image

Despite the family drama and her TikTok ban, Addison Rae has continued to make public appearances, notably at the 2023 Academy Museum Gala where she turned heads with a daring fashion choice. Her presence at such high-profile events signifies her ongoing relevance in the entertainment industry, despite the challenges she faces.

Furthermore, Addison Rae’s leaked music has been gaining traction, suggesting a potential pivot or renaissance in her career, possibly as a strategy to shift focus from her personal life to her professional endeavors.


Addison Rae’s situation highlights the complexities of living in the public eye, where personal and professional lines are often blurred. As she navigates through these challenges, her story continues to unfold, with the public keenly watching each step.


What allegations were made against Addison Rae’s father?
Monty Lopez was accused of infidelity by Renee Ash, who claimed that he misled her about the status of his marriage.

How did Addison Rae respond to her family’s situation?
Addison Rae has not publicly addressed the allegations directly but has unfollowed her father on social media.

What was the public reaction to Monty Lopez’s actions?
The public reaction has been largely critical, especially after his feud with Yung Gravy and the awkward exchanges that followed.

Why was Addison Rae banned from TikTok?
Addison Rae revealed she was permanently banned from TikTok due to multiple violations of community guidelines, though specific details were not disclosed.

How is Addison Rae handling her career after the TikTok ban?
She continues to make public appearances and her leaked music is gaining popularity, suggesting a potential shift in her career focus.

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