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What Happened To Arsenio Hall

What Happened To Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall: Where Is He Now?

Arsenio Hall: Where Is He Now?

Once a dominant figure in the world of entertainment, Arsenio Hall’s journey from the heights of Hollywood to a more subdued presence in the industry is a tale of resilience and evolution. Known for his charismatic role alongside Eddie Murphy in iconic films like “Coming to America” and “Harlem Nights,” and for hosting the groundbreaking “The Arsenio Hall Show,” Hall has navigated through both the spotlight and shadows of showbiz.

Teaming Up with Late-Night Legends

In a surprising twist of fate, Arsenio Hall has mended fences with his former late-night rival, Jay Leno. The duo, along with Craig Ferguson, embarked on a comedy tour titled “Kings of Late Night” in 2023. This collaboration, which included stops at major venues like Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino and Cincinnati’s Hard Rock Casino, marked a significant moment of camaraderie among the trio, celebrated by fans and industry insiders alike.

Challenges and Security Concerns

The latter part of 2022 brought some unwelcome drama into Hall’s life with two burglary incidents at his Los Angeles home. These unsettling events, occurring just weeks apart, prompted investigations into whether Hall was specifically targeted. Despite the intrusions, no suspects were apprehended, adding Hall to the list of celebrities who have faced similar security breaches.

Advocating for Free Speech

Arsenio Hall has always been a staunch supporter of free speech, particularly in the context of comedy. His defense of Chris Rock following the infamous Oscars incident in 2022 underscores his commitment to the comedic community. Hall’s advocacy for the unbridled expression of comedians reinforces his belief in the importance of humor and its impact on society.

Real Estate Ventures

2022 also saw Hall make significant changes in his personal life, particularly in real estate. He sold his long-time home in Topanga for $9 million, a property he had enhanced over the years. Following this sale, Hall moved to a smaller residence in Tarzana before acquiring another property in Calabasas, indicating his ongoing engagement with life’s changes and challenges.

No Return to Late-Night TV

Despite his historical success in late-night television, Arsenio Hall has expressed no interest in returning to the format. Citing changes in the landscape of late-night shows and the rise of digital platforms, Hall believes that the traditional late-night model no longer holds the appeal or necessity it once did. His focus remains on exploring new avenues and opportunities outside the late-night realm.

“Coming 2 America” and Reuniting with Eddie Murphy

More than three decades after the original “Coming to America,” Hall reunited with Eddie Murphy for the sequel, “Coming 2 America.” Directed by Craig Brewer, the film allowed Hall and Murphy to revisit their iconic characters and introduce new narratives, blending nostalgia with contemporary themes. The sequel was particularly notable for passing the comedic torch to a new generation, represented by Jermaine Fowler’s character, Lavelle.

Political Disagreements and Public Fallouts

Hall’s relationship with Donald Trump, once cordial during their time on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” deteriorated over political and ethical disagreements. Hall’s disapproval of Trump’s actions, particularly regarding the “birther” conspiracy, led to a permanent rift between them, highlighting Hall’s commitment to integrity and respect in his personal and professional relationships.

Legal Battles and Public Statements

The death of Prince in 2016 sparked a legal confrontation between Arsenio Hall and singer Sinead O’Connor, who made serious accusations against Hall. The subsequent defamation lawsuit and public exchanges stressed the intense nature of celebrity conflicts, which eventually concluded with O’Connor’s public apology and the lawsuit’s dismissal.

Return to Stand-Up Comedy

Following the cancellation of his talk show’s revival in 2014, Hall returned to his roots in stand-up comedy. Encouraged by peers like George Lopez, Hall rediscovered his passion for live performances, finding solace and rejuvenation on stage. This return to stand-up has been a therapeutic and invigorating journey for Hall, reaffirming his foundational love for comedy.

Occasional Late-Night Appearances

While Hall has stepped away from hosting his own late-night show, he remains open to guest appearances, such as his one-off hosting gig on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in 2021. These appearances allow Hall to reconnect with audiences and pay homage to his late-night roots in a contemporary setting.


  • What is Arsenio Hall known for?
    He is best known for his role in “Coming to America” and as the host of “The Arsenio Hall Show.”
  • Why did Arsenio Hall sell his house?
    He sold his house as part of downsizing and relocating within Los Angeles.
  • Has Arsenio Hall retired from showbiz?
    No, he continues to be active, particularly in stand-up comedy and occasional TV appearances.
  • What led to the fallout between Arsenio Hall and Donald Trump?
    The fallout was due to Trump’s controversial remarks and actions, particularly regarding Barack Obama’s birth certificate.
  • Will Arsenio Hall return to late-night TV?
    As of now, Hall has no plans to return to hosting a late-night TV show, citing changes in the media landscape.

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