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What Happened To Carrot Top

What Happened To Carrot Top

The Evolution and Current Status of Carrot Top

Carrot Top, born Scott Thompson, has been a distinctive figure in the comedy world, known for his vibrant red hair and unique brand of prop comedy. Bursting onto the scene in the early 1990s, he quickly became a household name after his appearance on “The Tonight Show” in 1992. His approach to comedy, which involved elaborate setups and a plethora of props, likened his performances to rock concerts, filled with energy and excitement. This unique style not only won him a legion of fans but also a permanent spot in Las Vegas, where he has been performing for years.

Despite his success, Carrot Top’s journey has not been without its challenges, particularly concerning his public image and physical appearance. Over the years, he has undergone a significant transformation, which has sparked widespread speculation and commentary. From his physical fitness to rumors of cosmetic surgery, Carrot Top has faced both admiration and criticism. Let’s delve into the various aspects of his career and personal life to understand what has been happening with him.

Carrot Top’s Physical Transformation

In the early 2000s, Carrot Top took a keen interest in bodybuilding, which significantly altered his physique. His newfound muscular build was so pronounced that it led to rumors of steroid use, which he has consistently denied. In interviews, he explained that his look was achieved through intense workouts and legal supplements. Despite the speculation, Carrot Top views his bodybuilding phase as a personal achievement, unrelated to his comedy career. However, he eventually decided to tone down his workouts, seeking a more balanced lifestyle that included running and less frequent gym visits.

This physical transformation was accompanied by changes in his facial appearance, which further fueled rumors of plastic surgery. Carrot Top has repeatedly denied undergoing any cosmetic procedures, attributing any changes in his appearance to aging and his physical fitness regimen. He has expressed frustration with the persistent rumors, emphasizing that his focus has always been on his comedy.

Professional Endeavors and Public Perception

While Carrot Top’s comedy has brought him immense success, particularly in Las Vegas where he has been a staple for years, his career in film and television has been less fruitful. His attempt to transition to the big screen with the movie “Chairman of the Board” was not well-received, garnering poor reviews and minimal box office success. However, he has made peace with the film’s reception and continues to explore opportunities in entertainment, including cameo appearances in shows like “Sharknado 4.”

Carrot Top’s comedic style has often been polarizing among critics and fellow comedians. Some have dismissed his prop-based humor, while others have praised his creativity and energy. Despite the mixed reviews, he has maintained a positive outlook, choosing to focus on the support of his fans and the enjoyment he brings to his audiences. His ability to shrug off criticism and continue evolving his act underscores his resilience and dedication to his craft.

Continued Popularity and Celebrity Endorsements

Despite the controversies, Carrot Top has enjoyed enduring popularity, particularly in Las Vegas, where his shows remain a major draw. He has also garnered admiration from fellow celebrities, including comedians like Amy Schumer and icons such as Jack Nicholson, who have expressed their appreciation for his work. These endorsements have helped bolster his reputation and affirm his place in the entertainment industry.

Carrot Top’s comparison of himself to the band Nickelback, which he has described as similarly misunderstood yet successful, highlights his awareness of his unique position in comedy. He recognizes that while not everyone may appreciate his style, he has carved out a niche that resonates with many. His Las Vegas residency continues to thrive, a testament to his lasting appeal and the loyalty of his fans.


Carrot Top’s career is a study in resilience and adaptability. From his early days as a prop comic to his muscular transformation and the challenges of navigating fame, he has remained a significant figure in comedy. His ability to maintain a successful Las Vegas residency and connect with audiences, despite facing criticism, speaks to his talent and determination. As he continues to perform and evolve, Carrot Top remains a fascinating study of a performer who has managed to stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape of entertainment.


1. What is Carrot Top known for?
Carrot Top is known for his prop comedy, vibrant red hair, and energetic performances.

2. Did Carrot Top ever use steroids for his body transformation?
Carrot Top has denied using steroids, stating that his muscular build was achieved through intense workouts and legal supplements.

3. Has Carrot Top had any plastic surgery?
Carrot Top has consistently denied having any plastic surgery, attributing changes in his appearance to aging and fitness.

4. What are some of Carrot Top’s career highlights?
Highlights of Carrot Top’s career include his long-standing Las Vegas residency and his early appearances on “The Tonight Show.”

5. How has Carrot Top responded to criticism?
Carrot Top has learned to ignore criticism, focusing instead on the positive feedback from fans and supporters.

6. What does Carrot Top compare himself to Nickelback?
Carrot Top compares himself to Nickelback because he believes both are successful yet often misunderstood or criticized in their respective fields.

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