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What Happened To Flower On Ghosts

What Happened To Flower On Ghosts

Exploring the Departure of Flower from CBS’s “Ghosts”

Unveiling the Mysteries: Flower’s Departure from “Ghosts”

The CBS sitcom “Ghosts” has captured the hearts of viewers with its unique blend of comedy and supernatural elements. The show revolves around a couple, Sam and Jay Arondekar, who inherit a mansion only to find it inhabited by eclectic spirits. Among these spirits was Flower, a hippie ghost from the 1960s, whose recent departure from the show has left fans both curious and nostalgic.

The Phenomenon of Being “Sucked Off”

In the world of “Ghosts,” spirits remain earthbound until they are ready to move on to the next stage of their afterlife, a process whimsically termed as being “sucked off.” This transition is a central theme of the series, providing both closure for characters and fresh narratives. Flower’s departure in the Season 3 premiere marked a significant moment, as she was a beloved character known for her free-spirited nature and insightful growth.

The decision to have Flower move on was not made lightly. Showrunners Joe Port and Joe Wiseman revealed that the choice was driven by the desire to impact the storyline significantly. Flower’s growth and development by the end of Season 2 made her a prime candidate for this transition, setting the stage for varied reactions among the mansion’s spectral residents and the living inhabitants, Sam and Jay.

Behind the Scenes: Why Flower Left

Sheila Carrasco, who brilliantly portrayed Flower, brought depth and charm to the character. According to the show’s producers, several factors influenced the decision to write her out of the show, including Carrasco’s real-life circumstances and the narrative needs of the series. The producers aimed to create a departure that would resonate deeply with the audience and open up new pathways for storytelling, particularly affecting the dynamics within the ghostly community and the show’s lead characters.

Moreover, the concept of a ghost being “sucked off” is portrayed with a mix of emotions among the characters. While it is a moment of achievement and progression for the ghost, it also introduces feelings of jealousy, curiosity, and sadness among those left behind. This complex interplay of emotions enriches the narrative, making each departure a poignant moment in the series.

Is This the Last We See of Flower?

Interestingly, the departure of a ghost in “Ghosts” does not necessarily mean a permanent goodbye. The show’s creative framework allows for departed spirits to reappear in various forms, whether in flashbacks, as visitors from the afterlife, or through other creative narrative techniques. Joe Port hinted that the show’s flexible narrative structure might allow fans to see Flower again, suggesting that her journey might continue in unexpected ways.

This possibility keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, anticipating the many creative ways the writers could reintegrate Flower into the storyline. It also highlights the show’s dynamic approach to the concept of an afterlife, where the boundaries are as limitless as the writers’ imaginations.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for “Ghosts”?

As “Ghosts” continues to unfold, the departure of Flower has set the stage for new developments. The showrunners have teased upcoming plotlines, including a wedding and new ghostly visitors, which promise to keep the series fresh and engaging. The ability of the show to balance humor, emotional depth, and supernatural intrigue is a testament to its writing and creative direction.

The impact of Flower’s departure will undoubtedly continue to be felt as the characters adjust to the new dynamics in the mansion. How this will affect the story remains to be seen, but if the past seasons are anything to go by, it will be handled with the same charm and wit that fans have come to love.


Flower’s departure from “Ghosts” marks a significant turning point in the series. It reflects the show’s ongoing exploration of themes like growth, closure, and the afterlife, wrapped in a narrative that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. As the series progresses, fans can look forward to more surprises, character developments, and the ever-entertaining antics of the remaining ghostly residents of the mansion.


  • Why did Flower leave “Ghosts”?
    Flower was chosen to move on in the afterlife due to her significant character development and the potential impact on the storyline.
  • Will Flower return to “Ghosts”?
    While her departure is significant, the show’s format allows for possibilities of her return in various narrative forms.
  • How do characters in “Ghosts” move on?
    Characters move on through a process called being “sucked off,” which signifies their readiness to advance to the next stage of the afterlife.
  • What can we expect in future episodes of “Ghosts”?
    The show will continue to explore new storylines, including a wedding and the introduction of new ghosts.
  • How does the show handle the departure of ghosts?
    The departure of ghosts is treated with a mix of humor and emotion, reflecting the show’s unique tone and thematic depth.

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