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What Happened To Frank Fritz

What Happened To Frank Fritz

What Happened To Frank Fritz

Frank Fritz’s Journey Post-Stroke and His Future Prospects

Frank Fritz, once a vibrant co-host on the popular television show “American Pickers,” has faced significant health challenges since mid-2022. Known for his dynamic personality and keen eye for antiques, Fritz’s life took a dramatic turn after suffering a severe stroke that left him incapacitated. This event marked a pivotal moment in his life, leading to major changes in his personal and professional spheres.

Frank Fritz’s Health Crisis

In July 2022, Frank Fritz was found unresponsive in his home in Davenport, Iowa. He was quickly rushed to a local hospital, where it was determined he had suffered a stroke. This medical emergency significantly impacted his physical capabilities, notably paralyzing his right side and impairing his speech. The severity of the stroke necessitated extensive in-patient care, and Fritz has since been under continuous medical supervision to aid his recovery.

Following the stroke, a court approved a temporary guardianship to oversee Fritz’s health and financial affairs, highlighting the seriousness of his condition. This guardianship was deemed necessary to ensure his safety and to manage his basic needs, which he could no longer handle independently. His condition also led to significant changes at his antique store, Frank Fritz Finds, in Savanna, Illinois, which has reportedly fallen into disrepair.

Impact on Career and “American Pickers”

Fritz’s health issues came after his departure from “American Pickers,” a show he had co-hosted since its inception in 2010 alongside Mike Wolfe. The duo was known for their chemistry and shared passion for antique “picking.” However, Fritz’s exit from the show in 2021, which Wolfe announced via social media, was surrounded by speculation and disappointment from fans. The show continued without him, but his absence was felt both on and off the screen.

Despite the separation and subsequent health struggles, recent reports suggest that the friendship between Wolfe and Fritz remains intact. They reportedly reunited over Memorial Day weekend, reminiscing about past experiences and their early days on television. This reunion sparked conversations about Fritz possibly returning to television, although his health remains his primary focus.

Current State and Future Outlook

As of now, Frank Fritz continues to recover, focusing on physical therapy and regaining his independence. Friends and family remain hopeful, noting his determination and daily improvements. The support from his community and fans has been overwhelming, with many expressing their wishes for his recovery and return to a more active life.

While the future remains uncertain for Fritz, particularly regarding his return to “American Pickers,” his situation has brought to light the challenges faced by those recovering from severe health issues. It also underscores the importance of community support and the impact of friendship in times of need.


Frank Fritz’s journey through recovery is a testament to his resilience and the complexities of life after a major health crisis. While fans may miss seeing him on “American Pickers,” his health and well-being are of utmost importance. The antique picking community and his supporters continue to stand by him, hoping for the best as he navigates this challenging chapter of his life.


  • What happened to Frank Fritz?
    Frank Fritz suffered a severe stroke in July 2022, which significantly impacted his health and led to him being placed under guardianship.
  • Is Frank Fritz still part of “American Pickers”?
    No, Frank Fritz left “American Pickers” in 2021, prior to his stroke. His return to the show remains uncertain.
  • How is Frank Fritz doing now?
    As of the latest updates, Frank Fritz is focused on his recovery, undergoing physical therapy and gradually improving.
  • Did Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz reconcile?
    Yes, the former co-hosts reunited over Memorial Day weekend, indicating that their friendship endures despite past tensions.
  • Will Frank Fritz return to television?
    While there has been speculation about his return, Frank Fritz’s primary focus is on his health recovery.

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