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What Happened To Frank From American Pickers

What Happened To Frank From American Pickers

What Happened To Frank From American Pickers

Frank Fritz’s Journey Post-American Pickers

Frank Fritz, once a vibrant co-host on the popular television show “American Pickers,” has faced significant health challenges since his departure from the series. Known for his keen eye for antiques and charismatic presence, Fritz’s life took a dramatic turn following a severe stroke in July 2022, which has since impacted his ability to participate in the show and manage his personal affairs.

Frank’s Health Crisis and Recovery

In mid-2022, Frank Fritz was found unresponsive in his home in Davenport, Iowa, and was quickly hospitalized. The stroke left him with major physical and cognitive impairments, necessitating both in-patient and out-patient care. This health crisis has led to significant changes in his life, including the need for a legal guardianship to help manage his health and financial needs.

Despite these challenges, Fritz has shown resilience. Recent reports indicate that he is making steady progress in his recovery. Friends and family remain hopeful as they support him through his rehabilitation process, which includes physical therapy and ongoing medical care.

Impact on His Antique Business

Frank Fritz is also known for his antique store, Frank Fritz Finds, located in Savanna, Illinois. Since his stroke, the store has reportedly faced challenges, including physical deterioration and a decline in business operations. However, efforts have been made to revitalize the store, with renovations aimed at improving its condition and appeal to customers.

The store remains a testament to Fritz’s lifelong passion for antiques, housing numerous valuable collections. Despite his health issues, plans are in place to keep the store operational and stocked, under the supervision of his conservators.

Relationship with Mike Wolfe and American Pickers

Frank Fritz’s departure from “American Pickers” in 2021 marked the end of an era for the show. His exit was surrounded by speculation and rumors of a fallout with co-host Mike Wolfe. However, recent developments suggest a reconciliation has occurred. Over Memorial Day weekend, Wolfe and Fritz reportedly met and shared a heartfelt reunion, reminiscing about their past experiences and the deep bond they share.

Wolfe has publicly expressed his hope for Fritz’s recovery and potential return to the show, highlighting the strong connection they still hold. This reunion has sparked conversations about the possibility of Fritz returning to television, although his health remains his primary focus.

Public and Fan Support

The news of Frank Fritz’s health struggles has resonated deeply with fans of “American Pickers.” Many have taken to social media to express their support and well-wishes for his recovery. The outpouring of support underscores the impact Fritz has had on the show’s audience and the antique collecting community.

As Fritz continues to recover, the support from fans and the public plays a crucial role in boosting his morale and motivation to overcome the challenges posed by his health condition.


  • What happened to Frank Fritz from American Pickers?
    Frank Fritz suffered a severe stroke in July 2022, which has significantly impacted his health and ability to work.
  • Is Frank Fritz still part of American Pickers?
    No, Frank Fritz left American Pickers in 2021 and has not returned to the show since his health issues began.
  • How is Frank Fritz doing now?
    Frank Fritz is currently in recovery, undergoing both physical and cognitive rehabilitation to improve his condition.
  • Will Frank Fritz return to American Pickers?
    While there has been speculation about his return, Frank Fritz’s primary focus is on his health recovery. Any decision about returning to the show would depend on his ability to fully recover.
  • How can fans support Frank Fritz?
    Fans can continue to send their well-wishes and support through social media and by respecting his privacy and recovery process.
  • What is the status of Frank Fritz’s antique store?
    Frank Fritz Finds remains open, with efforts underway to maintain and stock the store despite Frank’s absence due to his health.

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